AMESBURY (CBS) – A flying eye in the sky has the potential to change the way we view the world. It’s already changing the way local businesses promote themselves.

You might call it a civilian drone or a mini remote controlled chopper that puts a camera in the sky.

The high-tech gadget nicknamed “Ziggy” glides along at an average height of 100 feet and provides birds-eye views quicker and easier. Right now its a two man business: Owner Scott Proposki and pilot John Perry.

“Not to scare the full-time pilots out there,” says Perry. “But this is definitely more cost effective than a full scale helicopter or a plane would be and the beauty of it is you don’t need an airport.

Camera in the Sky has already provided aerial photography for everybody from a local health club to the tourism industry in Panama City Florida and that may be only the beginning.

This is a business that’s literally taking off and when it comes to business applications the sky is the limit.

Proposki sees the camera being used in law enforcement and public safety down the road.

One of the most recent videos was taken at the Amesbury Sports Park. Business during a mild winter was slow until the aerial video was posted on their website.

“Instantly we were able to put that footage up on our website and we’ve had over 25,000 hits,” says Meredith Robinson.

The camera can’t go any higher than 400 feet due to FAA restrictions.

As for privacy concerns, the people behind this project say any technology can be abused but that is not their intent.

They always try to notify people in the area when a shoot is scheduled.

Comments (3)
  1. 1stackmack says:

    insert airwolf theme here.its good idea,until the battery dies over a lake.l’ll take a jet ranger over a weed wacker.

  2. mikey says:


    Give me a break. Do a google search for ‘’ and you’ll see kits for 4, 6, and 8 rotor designs. And a variety of camera mounts.

    I personally own a HexaKopter with standard motors but no camera mount. I have the full navigation option with GPS so it will fly home and land itself if something goes wrong. I’ll probably add video and the zigbee telemetry next.

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