Felger and Massarotti start the show today by talking about Peyton Manning’s release from the Indianapolis Colts. They discuss the ramifications not just for the Colts but for the NFL. Mazz says of Manning and the NFL, “He will change the landscape fo that league.” A lot depends on Manning’s decision: “Everything will change the moment where he decides where he wants to go.”

Has Manning already decided on his destination? The guys think that it is quite possible. Felger says “I bet you the seeds have already been planted, and he is on the way to his next team.” Where will he want to go next? Felger and Mazz say that his decision he goes next “will speak to him and what he’s about” Will he go somewhere to win a championship? Will he go somewhere he is comfortable, where he can ‘run the show? Or will he go somewhere, as Felger says, “where’s he’s challenged, where there’s pressure?”

Felger and Mazz discuss where Manning could end up. Mazz thinks Miami may be the spot: “Miami’s perfect for him, because it could be a little more comfortable than a place like New York, and it would be far more competitive than a place like Arizona…If I’m Peyton Manning, I take the Miami route.”

What about the Patriots’ role in all of this? Mazz talks about the luxury of having Tom Brady at the quarterback position: “In 25 of the franchises in the league, they are sitting there going, ‘Oh, shouldn’t we be thinking about getting this guy?’ And this isn’t one fo them. This is one of those places where you say, ‘were good, we got the guy we want.'” Felger and Mazz end the segment by discussing whether Patriot fans should want to see Manning compete with the Pats in the AFC East, or far away from the division.



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