BOSTON (CBS) – Mitt Romney will be back in Massachusetts today to vote in the Super Tuesday primaries and do a little laundry and shopping.

He’ll cast his ballot at a senior center in Belmont, where he and his wife Ann own a condominium. They sold the family’s house there back in 2009.

“I’m going to be back in my home state finally celebrating, hopefully, a victory in Massachusetts and maybe some other states as well,” he told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Joe Mathieu.

Romney talks to WBZ’s Joe Mathieu

“Michigan is where I was born, of course, that’s my native state, I think is the right term. But having lived 40 years in Massachusetts, I think I qualify as a guy where Massachusetts is my home state.”

So what will the former governor do in his brief return from the campaign trail?

“There are a lot of things I love in Massachusetts – top of the list is my son and his wife and their four children. So, we’ll be spending some time with them and maybe I’ll be able to get into Belmont Center and have dinner at Il Casale, a wonderful restaurant right there. And I’ll be spending some time getting some shopping done. I’ve got laundry to do and clothes to get cleaned and a couple of things to pick up at CVS.”

Don’t believe him?

WBZ political analyst Jon Keller said it’s probably true.

“You know I believe that because Mitt Romney is notoriously cheap in his personal spending habits,” Keller said.

“There was a great article in the Globe some months back where they interviewed his Belmont barber, who said that Romney only started to come get his haircut under duress from his wife, because she was sick of doing it herself. Can you imagine that? The guy’s worth several hundred million dollars and he’s getting his hair cut around the kitchen table.”

Keller talks to WBZ’s Joe Mathieu

“So, I’m not surprised that he shops at CVS, with all due respect to CVS.”

So why else did Romney come home?

“I think he ran out of clean underwear,” Keller said.

Comments (8)
  1. Jaygee says:

    Welcome home Mitt. Now if you get the nomination, will you revert back to that moderate image that Newt & Pope Rick say you have been hiding from all of those Mad Hatter Tea Party patriots? All of this recent clamor by your amigos on the campaign trail about contraception & abortion rights make it appear to be 1952 rather than 2012. No big surprise there since your Party hasn’t had an original thought since ’52. Good luck in Ohio!!!!!!!!!

  2. HDgal says:

    Jon, that underwear remark was uncalled for. I guess you are a democrat.

  3. DoverDavid says:

    Ah laundry and CVS, were to think he’s just your average Joe like the rest of us, as he pulls into the driveway of his mansion.

    1. fred says:

      He has a condo in Belmont not a mansion. His wife has two Caddilacs. One on the east coast and one on the west coast. Many people that have no where near his means have another car at their winter home too. I like the fact that he doesn’t flaunt his wealth. He doesn’t seem to waste money needlessly – not a bad trait for a politician to have.

    2. Carolyn Emerson says:

      Being a Belmont native…I can tell you that the Romney’s no longer live on Belmont Hill,did not live on Belmont when 40 years ago when they fist moved into town. Mr Romney and wife presently own a condo in Waverly Square, the lesser affluent side of Belmont. Some people sound like they may be jealous of success?? Why would someone who does not care with Mr.Romney’s ideologies bother to read this article anyway??

  4. George Bush says:

    Lying sack of Mitt! You are the biggest flip-flopper in the history of politics.

  5. BostonIrish says:

    I think Mitt will make a fine president. I hope he wins. Can you imagine 4 more years of Obama? Shudder at the thought. Oh, and Santorum and Gingrich are not even close to any shot at the nomination.

    Romney-Paul 2012!

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