Mother Outraged Driver Who Killed Son At UConn Got No Jail Time

BOSTON (CBS) – A University of Connecticut student who hit and killed a classmate while driving a bus on campus has made a deal with prosecutors.

Lukasz Gilewski will spend two years on probation and face a $90 fine for failing to yield for a pedestrian.

The mother of the young man from Westminster who died is not happy about it. Linda Plamandon says, “When you lose a child to such a senseless act of negligence, there is no closure at all.”

Plamandon says her son David received no justice. The 20-year-old student was killed last year when he was hit by a school shuttle bus as he was walking through a campus crosswalk. The driver, 22-year-old Gilewski, has been spared jail time after pleading no contest to negligent homicide and failure to yield to for a pedestrian. The school is calling it a tragic incident.

Linda Plamandon states, “But this was the fault of the driver, this was not an accident, it was a fatal collision that took my son’s life.”

“What I wanted to see him with was a charge of manslaughter,” says Plamandon

Linda says her son David had dreamed of becoming a doctor, but his greatest joy was his love of singing. She said that, “He was really proud of the Acappella group he was in at UConn. He was a minor. He never sweat the small stuff, and lived his life to the fullest everyday.”

She is now forced to live her life with a lot of unanswered questions in regards to why Gilewski did not react preventatively to her son’s presence in the crosswalk. “Why he proceeded into the crosswalk when David was there first? Why didn’t he honk his horn or sway away from David? Why didn’t he slam on the brakes?”

Police say Gilweski was driving under the speed limit, but waived to another bus driver shortly before the accident. His commercial drivers license has been revoked.

  • donny

    Where’s the Pro-Life crowd when you really need ’em?…

    This is such an awful tragedy. NO accountability for the senseless loss of such a wonderful young man… my heart breaks for his mom…awful.

    • Keith

      are you retarded or something? What does this have to do with abortion?

      please dont vote. Or breed.

  • enough

    So-called justice in America.

  • john doe

    It sounds like people have trouble understanding the difference between justice and revenge. Jail time will not bring back the accident victim, it will only mess up another young man.

    • AMG

      This is a terrible tragedy..But in spite of what the mother says..this was an accident.It was a terrible accident..Manslaughter charge would be ridiculous..May the poor young man rest in peace but jail time for the driver is absurd..

    • laura

      thank you john doe. it is a horrible tragedy, and i am sure the driver is sorry it happened and i am sure he didn’t mean to kill this young man. the mom just wants revenge, not justice. she wants to ruin another life, as if it will bring her child back. he is dead, unfortunately and revenge and ruining another families lives will not change that!

  • Rob Cleary

    Sometimes accidents happen. What is accomplished by destroying another young mans life?

  • kettle1

    You should pay for the crime that you’ve committed, Another man’s life is destroyed by going to jail? No kidding!! He committed a crime by not yielding for a pedestrian. That’s a law. You break the law, you pay the consequence. Seems pretty simple.

  • DoverDavid

    The driver, 22-year-old Gilewski, has been spared jail time after pleading no contest to negligent homicide and failure to yield to for a pedestrian…….So the kid admits to these charges, one listing the term of homicide, and gets no jail time. He took another person’s life and gets probation and a fine. More back room justice, I feel for this mother, for not only did she loose her son, but she lost in the face of the law.

  • Rob Cleary

    What’s the typical sentence for not yielding to a pedestrian? My guess is it doesn’t involve jail time.

  • mr. sensible

    Whats the typical sentence for taking another persons life? My guess is that it involves jail time

  • NisforKnowledge

    If the culpability stops where it did – then the bus company and the school are protected. Liberal justice at its finest. Now shut up and pay your socialist health care premium.

  • GMAN

    Terrible accident does not equate to a jail term. It does no one any good to jail this young man. Also the young man killed bares some responsibility for stepping out into the cross walk thinking people are going to automatically stop.

    • plaasjaapie

      It’s not an accident when you don’t yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. It sounds like the killer has connections in the community.

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