BOSTON (CBS) – While the NFL is trying to figure out what to do with the New Orleans Saints over recent allegations the team had a bounty system in place the past three years, former Boston Celtic Cedric Maxwell says similar actions went on in the NBA.

Maxwell, who played 11 NBA seasons from 1977-88, told WBZ-TV’s Steve Burton on Sports Final Sunday night about one player in particular the Celtics were aiming for.

“We did it in the NBA. We had a guy, Len Elmore, used to love to take charges,” said Maxwell. “He’s an analyst right now for CBS; you might want to hear this Len. We had a bounty on you. If you stepped on his chest, you got paid.”

Watch: Maxwell On NBA Bounties:

“Every time he tried to take a charge and you stepped on him, you got paid. What are they going to do, come back and fine me now?” joked Maxwell.

Elmore was drafted by the Indiana Pacers (then of the ABA) and played eight NBA seasons after the two leagues merged.

While the Saints allegedly rewarded defensive players financially for big hits which included injuring players, Maxwell said that was not the case with the Celtics and Elmore.

“It was about $10, but it was enough,” said Maxwell. “He was wondering why guys were stepping on him.”

“Not take him out; just putting an imprint on his chest, the size of my shoe,” joked Maxwell, who said his size 15 didn’t do much damage to Elmore. “Don’t worry about it, he’s ok.”

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  1. Ron Hoyt says:

    I always liked cornbread MaX well,but I don’t think he is telling the trurh
    he hasn’t played in over 20 yrs..,he needs to stop lying.

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