BOSTON (CBS) – A new poll shows Sen. Scott Brown has a sizable lead over his main Democratic opponent, Elizabeth Warren.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports.

The poll by Western New England University has Brown leading Warren by eight points in the U.S. Senate race.

More than 500 registered voters were questioned for the survey. Brown received 49 percent of their support, while Warren got 41 percent.

Ten percent of the voters were undecided.

“Independent voters tend to decide these races. They’re the largest block of voters in the state, and among independent voters, Brown has a lead of 58-29 percent,” said Tim Vercellotti, the director of polling at Western New England University

However, there’s a lot of wiggle room in the latest poll. It also finds that 31 percent of voters said they may change their minds before Election Day.

Comments (10)
  1. 1stackmack says:

    the percentage gap should grow by the general. l still don’t know what warron has done to give her a senile has done a fine job,and he’s a middle of the road republican.l like that.

  2. genialityofevil says:

    There was a set of polls about a week ago with almost all of them showing Warren in front by 2 points and one showing Brown ahead by 7, and who was this poll by? Oh yeah, Western New England University.

    1. fred says:

      It was the Suffolk poll and Brown was ahead by 9 points.

      1. genialityofevil says:

        Oh was it Suffolk, still I think we can safely ignore these polls when every other poll puts them within a few points of each other.

  3. Glenn says:

    Mr Brown is bought and sold by Wall St and the Koch billionaires. And by no means is he moderate. He voted for that far-right bill, the Blunt Amendment. It would be a travesty if he won.

    1. fred says:

      Although i don’t agree with a lot of the Koch brothers Liberatarian views at least they have created many thousands more jobs in this country that any of Warren’s left wing supporters ever have or ever will. Brown is about as liberal as a republican can get – and if he wasn’t he would have lost to Coakley. At least he votes the way I would like 50% of the time as opposed to the extremely partisan demorcat delegation where they only seem to represent me when they miss votes.

  4. Rob Cleary says:

    Lear Jet Lezzie should never be allowed to venture outside of the Ivy walls of that mental institution in Harvard Square where she is currently, and very comfortably, institutionalized. This is a VERY dangerous woman whose liberal agenda is the complete destruction of America and it’s way of life.The Damage she would do as a sitting senator would be immeasurable and devastating to working Americans. Save America VOTE for Scott Brown!

    1. Larry Alexander says:

      I’m interested in Rob Cleary’s comment. Why do you think Ms. Warren is so dangerous and exactly how and in what ways would her liberal agenda destroy America and its way of life. Also could you provide some examples of the kind of immeasurable and devastating damage she would do to working Americans as a sitting senator? Also, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could you tell me where you got your information; I am very interested in your insightful and well articulated views. Thanks.

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