BOSTON (CBS) – A joey (baby) kangaroo was recently born at the Franklin Park Zoo.

The joey, a red kangaroo, is the first born at the zoo since 2005.

“We are so excited by this new birth. Visitors are really going to enjoy seeing the joey once it’s hopping around, but there is also something very special about seeing a joey poke its head out of its mother’s pouch,” said John Linehan, Zoo New England President and CEO.

The joey was born to a 6-year-old mother, Skippy, and a 4-year-old father, Binowee.

It is approximately six months old and began to poke its head out of its mother’s pouch just a few weeks ago. Its gender is not yet known.

Baby kangaroos typically are about the size of a jelly bean at birth and tend to emerge from a mother’s pouch after about six months.

The joey and its mom are set to go on exhibit at the zoo this weekend, weather pending.


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