EASTON (CBS) – A Stonehill College graduate is suing the school, saying her roommate’s sex life drove her into a suicidal depression.

The student, Lindsay Blankmeyer of New York, said her roommate engaged in sex while Blankmeyer was in the room.

When Blankmeyer complained, she was moved to another dorm space and offered other living options, but Blankmeyer did not find them acceptable.

“Stonehill refused Lindsay’s request for a single room and in the following weeks and months Lindsay fell into a dark and suicidal depression,” Blankmeyer’s lawyer said in a court filing.

Eventually, she needed to be hospitalized and treated for severe depression.

Stonehill said it is reviewing the complaint.

“We are reviewing the complaint, which focuses on a previous roommate issue. There are two sides, and sometimes more, to every story. We will be responding to the complaint,” said Martin McGovern, director of Communications and Media Relations at Stonehill College, in a statement.

Blankmeyer’s lawyer acknowledged his client has preexisting mental health problems.

Comments (14)
  1. Laura says:

    was spreed becaue she was not getting any action ???

  2. Laura says:

    oops my pc messed up and typos lol the question was : was she depressed because she was not getting any??

  3. anonymous says:

    so immature grow up Laura!

  4. paul says:

    She would get more traction in her lawsuit if she complained that the roomate’s sex life was interfering with her religious freedoms….OR if the complaining student were a “minority”.

  5. REAlIST says:

    This woman clealry is a bit uptight and wanted preferential treatment. She was offered a room, but not a single? Give me a break! she sounds like a deranged lunatic. She needs to get a grip. Sounds like she did not get what she wanted and had a tantrum. Bet she is an only child too. She thinks she had it bad I had to deal with an overweight sweaty and smelly roomate masturbating on the top bunk for a whole semester. At least the rocking back and forth lulled me to sleep. See I look for the positive in everything so can you

  6. Erica says:

    I went to Stonehill years ago and had to deal with the same situation. It sucked but oh well.

  7. nesuperfan says:

    Please name the roommate!

  8. Ed says:

    Erica did you sit there and listen or did you leave?

  9. Edward Ellis says:

    Is this story really worthy of any play at all?

  10. stanky says:

    I think Laura nailed it. Crybaby was not getting any action. Wah wah, I’m depressed. Change my diaper.

  11. Yeah Baby says:

    Wow, some people are cruel. heh. Maybe they are hoping she’d join in?

    What I find/found funny is that people sent their kid to a “Catholic” school and she’s doing it like a bunny. People who THINK they are religious, Catholic, whatever,..are SO hypocritical. It’s a joke.

  12. Julie Smith says:

    I was honestly shocked to see this story in the news since I had recently heard through mutual friends that Ms. Blankmeyer happily went on to work at Disney World after leaving Stonehill. That doesn’t sound like something someone with severe mental illness would do.
    As a recent Stonehill alum, I am sure that Residence Life did everything in their power to help Ms. Blankmeyer. There is a housing shortage on this campus (they have actually had to build 2 trailer parks), so I can’t even imagine how tricky it is to move a student mid-semester This campus also has very few single rooms (less than 10 I think), so I am not surprised that her request for a single room was not fulfilled.

  13. Jackie says:

    I amd glad to see that Stonehill is getting what it deserves: a lawsuit and bad publicity. I had a disagreement with Res Life, and they cannot be reasoned with. They answer to no one, and are draconian and completely unfair in their enforcement of policies. They do not follow due process. Even took the issue to the president of the college, who provided lip service but was not interested in the corruption in Res Life. No follow-up fron him once he learned I was not going to file a lawsuit. I’ll gladly contribute to Ms Blankmeyer’s legal bills.

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