Adolfo was outside the Garden after the Bruins got shutout by the Ottawa Senators on Tuesday night and ran into a young lady that he knew.

She was upset that the B’s lost to a team from Canada and let’s us know how she feels about our neighbor to the North.

While her and Adolfo are talking the guys from earlier that she was with jump back in to fill us in on the fan behind them at the game who didn’t even know player names. Apparently that didn’t stop him from yelling things though.

It became clear that Adolfo had a few drinks before heading to talk with fans and was confirmed when he asked one of the best questions ever.

This is a must listen recap!


Comments (3)
  1. Craig says:

    You want hard-hitting sports takes? Well, Scoops Gonzalez is on the scene to bring you the people with a voice for hockey. WAIT WHAT?

  2. Craig says:

    What the hell are you even saying Adolfo? Lay off the hot pockets tubby magoo.

  3. Craig says:

    I totally agree with the loose babysitter, they need to get laid more often, we all need to get laid more often, more sex for everyone!

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