Rich and his family went to Disney World during the show’s week off and Fred and his family are heading there soon.

Disney markets itself as The Happiest Place On Earth and most would agree, except maybe the gentleman featured in this video who was pepper sprayed by park security.

This belligerent 53 year-old man is shown fighting with security even after he was brought to his knees with the spray.

The guy gets up after being sprayed and starts to fight again only to get more of the spray to the face.

Eventually other park patrons jump in and hold the fighter down. Click here to watch the video. Warning this video contains adult language.

  1. jaygee says:

    I realize that a trip to Disney can get expensive but this guy obviously had more things on his mind than the prices. Anyone who has to be subdued with pepper spray at this fun, family destination had to deserve it. So now, he will retain a lawyer and sue…….what’s new?

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