By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

This winter storm can be considered a ‘lion’ when comparing it to the nearly snow-free winter we’ve had so far.

Check: Current Conditions | Weather Map Center | Interactive Radar

Winter Storm Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories will take effect this afternoon.

Watch Melissa’s forecast:

It all begins around 2 p.m. and lingers through Thursday night.

There are 3 distinct waves of precipitation that will be covering the area during the duration of the storm.

The 1st burst of snow will be the focus this afternoon and evening.

A second burst will occur late tonight when there is more of a threat of snow, sleet, and rain from the Mass Pike to points south.

Then, the last burst will occur from midday Thursday through the evening commute.

This will mean snow for areas north of the Pike while the snow/sleet/rain mix will switchover to snow for areas south of the pike.

Here is the latest snowfall forecast for the entire storm:

*From north-central Massachusetts to southern New Hampshire : 6-9+ inches

*From central Massachusetts to Boston to the North Shore/Merrimack Valley: 3-6 inches

*South of the Mass. Pike to Plymouth and Bristol Counties: 1-3 inches (beginning and tail end of the storm)

*Cape/Islands: initial coating of 1 inch this afternoon/evening, an additional coating of 2 inches during the tail end of the storm (Thursday PM)

Quiet weather will return on Friday as we have clouds along with a few peeks of sunshine.

High temperatures will be near 40F.

The first weekend of March will be milder.

Saturday will be warm, wet, and windy with highs in the lower to middle 50s.

Sunday will be partly cloudy with highs returning to more seasonal territory, lower to middle 40s.

Happy Leap Day!

~Melissa :)

Comments (24)
  1. Edward says:

    You guys better hope it snows,if this turns out to be only wet and slushy roads you will need to answer alot of questions,the wbz mets have failed the viewers this winter.

  2. Doug says:

    Edward: You parents are proud of you without a doubt tLeave Ms. Mack alone please. I had barbeque with her at a sponsored event. I assure you she knows her s@#t

  3. BostonMike says:

    @Edward I understand people’s frustrations but forecasting, even with all the various computer models isn’t an exact science. If you’ve ever seen the 12 or so computer models tracking of a hurricane, you’d see how different some can be. Slight changes can throw off a forecast.

    @Doug Agreed. And Melissa just happens to be VERY easy on the eyes. :)

    1. MC says:

      Forecasts were more accurate when they actually looked at weather maps and then made a prediction. Now the computers tell them what to say. And still they are never right.

      1. ELaw says:

        The mets are “never right”?

        Please tell me what was wrong with their forecast for yesterday. If you cannot, your use of the word “never” is inappropriate.

      2. David White says:

        And don’t the mets use analogs and trends as well in forecasting? History is important! I’m sure they check out weather maps. We can do that too on the weather channel and the maps on this website. The forecasts are by no means one hundred per cent computerized.

    2. Simon says:

      You need a seasoned veteran Met who understands New England storms.
      Especially with a storm like the one thats upon us.
      Coastal areas with a easterly wind will warm up and change the snow to rain or alot of mixing will take place depending on the ocean temps.
      Usually a coastal front will set up between 128 and 495 and areas north and west will expeience cold air damming which is extremely hard to dislodge due to the topography of massachusetts.
      Ch 5’s Harvey Leonard gets the thumbs up for his experience.
      Ch 4’s Barry Burbank would also understand this.
      The rest of our local Mets…. forget it!

  4. cirrus says:

    It would just be nice to see more of the meteorologists’ opinions incorporated into the snowfall maps. I hate that presto snowfall map model graphic.

  5. MC says:

    Almost the same blog as yesterday. If you have nothing new to say, then don’t copy yesterday’s. And if the mets got this one wrong, they all need to back up and leave. They’ve been wrong ALL WINTER LONG.

    1. GoForSnow says:

      I really think the mets are underplaying this event because of the way the winter has played out so far…every opportunity to snow has virtually fizzeld out this year, but this storm is much different in its set up with a cold high to the north and an already impressive precip field to our west…the NAM has been consistent in its track and intensity..lates 12z nam showing more than 1.25″ of QPF for the state with some areas slightly higher…the GFS is now in line with a colder solution…just look at the radar to the west and you will see these amounts are underdone.

  6. matt souza says:

    i think 0-2 inches cape and islands southshore
    2-4 east coast (boston) interior southeast mass
    4-8 inches south of the pike and through the valleys.8+ for the hills and berkshires
    models are all over the place let the now casting begin.
    over all though the mets are now in general agreement that north of the pike will get snow accumulation and that boston will be in some of it.
    I rather have boston get the mix of rain and snow than areas around 128 to 495 since i want the snow.

    1. MC says:

      That would be NORTH of the pike. And why are you posting when in school?

  7. RobHatesSnow says:

    I hate to say it…but with the cold High to the North…I think we are screwed…as much as I HATE too…I have to agree with GoForSnow

  8. JMckmry says:

    We will just see about that. Don’t hold your breath. It is above freezing.

    1. RobHatesSnow says:

      Ya but…the Dew point is VERY low…to saturate the air with water the dew point goes up and the relative temperature goes down until both are awful close to the same…so expect the temperature to drop quickly when the snow flakes start falling…I HATE Canadian Highs! UGH!

  9. Dave_D says:

    Sounds like the Groundhog had it right!

  10. nsbombers says:

    Melissa I welcome any kind of precip.How far are we below this as it pertains to liquid snow/rain

  11. 1stackmack says:

    l still think the ground it way to warm,especially on the roads for the initial flakes to do much.but she gets going it will be a mess.and tp show you how little snow we had.ln our yard in woburn,we are still working with last years sand we mixed in april.other than a trailer load of salt to kick it up notch. and even when we get up to 6″ in woburn,it will be gone by monday…

  12. Sadie says:

    Walked the dog without even a winter jacket. Looks like snow, but sure doesn’t feel like it.

  13. Love Triple H says:

    It’ll all be gone in a few days. If it has to snow, let it be this time of year when we get 50 degrees and a March sun to melt the awful stuff.

  14. Will says:

    I live in Bristol County and its snowing right now and yet its 42 degrees out. Its odd.

  15. BJRep says:

    Snowing in Tewksbury for the past ten mins. Looks like the air is finally saturated to bring the damn B-Leaping Day storm!

  16. ListensAlot says:

    Mellissa you are a breath of fresh air every morning (6 a.m.) regardless of the weather. No question in my mind you know your stuff. Keep up the good work. Maybe some people don’t understand that you predict the weather, you don’t creat it. Have a great day Melissa.

  17. dessiree rodriguez says:

    can we please change her as the person who decides if we have school or not!?? i almost dies outside thanks to her i have a broken leg smh!

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