BOSTON (CBS) – Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine practiced a little flip of his own on Wednesday.

Valentine went back on comments he made on Tuesday, where he said that the Yankees never practice (or practiced) Derek Jeter’s famous flip from the 2001 ALDS against the Oakland Athletics.

According to one of his own coaches, yes the Yankees do, and had.

“I asked [Red Sox bullpen coach and former Yankees coach] Gary Tuck. He said they do practice it,” Valentine said Wednesday from Fort Myers. “Total mistake on my part that they don’t practice it, that’s for sure.”

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Hear Bobby Valentine: 

Tuck also gave Valentine another interesting note on the play.

“And he said when they practiced it, Jeter always got there late in practice. In that game he got there on time. So it’s interesting,” said Valentine. “As I said yesterday, the shortstop there is being aware but it’s hard to practice that because why are we going to practice a bad throw? It’s not what we’re doing here. But I get it.”

Jeter was asked about Valentine’s comments on Wednesday.

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“I mean, we do,” Jeter said of practicing the play. “What do you want me to say? I mean, really. What am I supposed to say?”


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