RAYNHAM (CBS) – Police have released the names of the driver and passenger who allegedly crashed into a Raynham home and then fled. The car crashed through a bedroom, just feet from a baby in her crib.

Officers have identified 23-year-old Brad Bigos of Raynham, as the passenger and 22-year-old Stephanie Lyn Petersen of Middleboro, as the driver.

Police say around midnight on Saturday, Petersen crashed into the home on Michael Road, put the car into reverse and fled down the road. A heavily damaged Pontiac Grand Am was found abandoned about a quarter of a mile away.

Bigos turned himself into police that night and was arrested on an unrelated warrant for Breaking and Entering.

Petersen will be charged with numerous motor vehicle offenses including, Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol, Operating to Endanger and Leaving the Scene of an Accident. She will also be charged with Assault and Battery against Bigos.

Police said Peterson had been kicked out of a local bar earlier that night because she was too intoxicated. At some point in the night, she allegedly became hostile and struck Bigos.

Raynham Police continue to investigate the incident.

The three people in the home at the time of the accident were not injured. The crash caused an estimated $50,000 to $100,000 damage.

Comments (5)
  1. jcmd says:

    All I have to say drunk or not drunk these dbags wouldn’t live to see the next day if they came that close to hurting/killing my infant.

  2. Brad b says:

    Hey just to make things clear with every1 I wasn’t drunk the night of the accident I didn’t do anything wrong I went right to the Police Station no charges were brought up against me we were @ a house on the same street and the only reason I jumped in the car was to try and stop her from driving it happend in an instent there was nothing more I could have done And I feel absolutely terrible about the entire situation and devastated for the family who had to go through this

  3. Brad b says:

    o and bye b & e they mean me and my 2 friends were drunk back in 2007 and stole some weed wakers it was a teenage mistake and i havent done anything wrong sence im not a bad kid

  4. Brad says:

    o and bye B&E there mean back in 2007 me and two of my friends were drunk nd stole some weed wackers it was a teenage mistake im not a bad kid i was only trying to stop her that night i did nothing wrong

  5. piojk says:

    I feel so bad for that poor family. You know hitting a house but almost hitting a baby and leaving the crash r two different storys. i sure hope justice will be served to BOTH of these un-hearted people.

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