By Beth Germano, WBZ-TVBy Beth Germano

WESTFORD (CBS) – Schools in the town of Westford may be hoping the snowfall doesn’t add up to another snow day. The school district used up all their snow days when it was hit by Hurricane Irene, and then the freak October snowstorm.

Students already attended classes for two days during the February break to make up time, and the town had planned on doing the same for the April vacation week. The School Committee has reversed that decision, and if there are any days to be made up it will be in June.

“If this extends it a day it’s not a big deal. But losing vacation days would be a total disaster,” said parent Pamela Ryba since many families have already planned time away.

As of now school will end on June 15.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports


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