Methuen Fixes ‘KKK Chicken’ Typo On School Lunch Menu

METHUEN (CBS) – An awful mistake that most people didn’t notice quickly became the talk of the town in Methuen this week.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Laurie Kirby reports.

The menu for school lunches released Monday was supposed to read “KK Chicken Tenders,” short for Krispy and Krunchy.

But the woman who typed the menu it accidentally added a third “k.”

KKK is the abbreviation for the Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacist, racist organization.

No one caught the typo and the menu was sent out to about 6,500 students in four grammar schools.

School officials republished the menu after someone pointed out the mistake to the media Tuesday.

The superintendent told the Eagle-Tribune the worker who made the mistake is an “exemplary employee.”

  • gramps

    I wonder how soon this will be the lead story on MSNBC….?


    • tsalnew

      Right after it appears on FOX

      • gramps

        Don’t agree, FOX will lay in the weeds & wait for MSNBC to say something…..They’ll go 1st.


      • tsalnew

        bottom dweller are they? I will agree with you in that case :)

      • gramps

        Don’t ‘twist’ my key board, little girl…..


      • tsalnew

        what – can dish it out but can’t take it – come on, gramps, smile!

    • Neal Dias

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      So please take the time and search through Google, “Verizon Raped My Family.”

      Neal W. Dias

      • gramps

        You sound LX’d & GNDED…..


  • Matt

    Rev. Al is outraged. Now get him some blueberry pie.

    • sullyinma

      Speaking of that low-life Rev Al. Couldn’t help but notice how he and the other low-life Jesse jackson, had their mugs front and center at the Whitney Houston funeral.

      Those two have never met a camera their faces didn’t like.

    • gramps

      & you also!


    • Tom

      STFU and DIAF, Matt.

  • Bow

    We should be more outraged that the worker intended to spell ‘Krispy and Krunchy’ incorrectly in a school setting…just saying…

    • Glorianne


  • foamy

    Have we really come THIS far as a society that someone would get “offended” at an innocent typo? I mean REALLY – there aren’t bigger things to worry about than THIS?

    • tsalnew

      fireman mark – I was agreeing with foamy – nice try however

      • firemanmark

        I misread it.If you look you can see why I misinterpreted it.I apologize.It seemed like you were saying geez we have foamy here as in being sarcastic.Sometimes I think I need new glasses.Ya think so?

      • tsalnew

        firemanmark – I guess you have to read foamy’s remark to realize mine was a continuation – and we all misread so absolutely no problem. Well of course the exception is gramps who is perfect and we should all strive to be more like him – just ask him – he’ll be happy to tell you……………ain’t that so, gramps :)

        Don’t remember saying ugh firemanmark or what it was in reference to but will apologize as it doesn’t seem like a nice reponse

    • tsalnew

      sighhhhhh – I think we have foamy – it’s beyond pathetic

      • firemanmark

        I LOVE how you insult foamy just like your “ugh,firemanmark” remark last week.You are a pompous,small person whose opinion is of most importance to only you.You are the pathetic one.Go Tea Party!

      • gramps

        firemanmark, she was ‘agreeing’ with foamy…..!

        Your ability to ‘read & comprehend’ is equaled only by…

        ‘Peppermint Patty’s’….


    • gramps

      For decades Billy Crystal has been doing a very tasteful imatation of ‘Sammy Davis Jr’, I remember him singing ‘The birth of the Blues’…Awesome!

      Had Crystal ‘not’ done that piece & reminded me about Sammy Davis I wouldn’t has found this….

      Yet in our totally out there, PC society, people complained about Crystal doing Davis @ the Oscars last weekend!…..

      He kept & keeps his memory alive!

      Losers, “GET OVER IT”!


  • Dave_D

    Was anyone offended? (Other than those who properly object to a school using the spelling Krispy and Krunchy) The story only says that someone pointed it out to the media.

    Some people (and media) have to much time on their hands.

  • stephen brown

    Forget that there was a horrible typo, what I find even more interesting about this article is that a system of Public Schools, would actually spell the words “Crunchy” and “Crispy” using a freaking “K” The dumbing down of America.

    • tsalnew

      ummmmmm – it’s the trade name

      • tsalnew

        Barbara – don’t you think it’s a tad extreme to tell anyone how to do his/her job – especially when you know nothing about that job?

      • Barbara

        Yes, it’s a trade name; but, is it really so difficult to spell out the trade name? Did she really have to abbreviate it to KK? For Pete’s sake, it’s only a few extra letters and, if she’s a decent typist, it would have taken her about 2 seconds to type it in its entirety.

  • fred

    Back when Roger Clemens pitched for the Red Sox after he had his 20 strikeout game – a group of fans would keep a tally for each strikeout by putting up a sign with a “K” on it in the bleachers (when keeping score a K means a strikeout swinging and a backwards K is a called strikeout) – when they would get to three they would use the # 3 instead of the third K, then they would use all K’s when he would get to the fourth strikeout. Very PC back in the eighties too. Who have thought 3 strikeouts would be an endorsement of the clan – except maybe Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.

  • Rob Cleary

    This will be brief outrage. It’s check day here in the Commonwealth. Nothing says sorry like a reparations check.

  • Ed Dracut

    So if my name was Korbin Kent Kerry and I used KKK people would be offended? Please people put you big boy pants on and get real.

    • gramps

      Must you comment on everything?

      You remind me of a little Beagle I had as a lad, ‘Willie’….

      When I’d take him for his walks he had to ‘physs’ on every tree, bush, telephone pole, car tire, fire hydrant & street sign along the way!


      • tsalnew

        now that’s funny – considering every time I comment you also comment :) So did you wizz on the Beagle each time?

      • Dave_D

        Time to get a new dog, gramps.

    • tsalnew

      Great last sentence :)))))

  • Skaperen

    Childhood obesity continues in Methuen. More fat fingers to make future typing errors.

  • stephen towne

    the school needs to hire a spell checker

  • Joe nice

    Thank god the author told us what KKK stood for. I was perplexed as to what the fuss was about. I’m still stuckon the word “supremecist.” Could someone tell me what that is? I’ll assume it is a type of cheese for now. I can see why people would be upset. Imagine expecting chicken covered in a creamy white cheese sauce and getting a crispy chucken puck instead! Certainly newsworthy.

  • Will

    Where in the hell is Al Sharpton

  • Danny

    Just when I thought WBZ couldn’t possibly post any more non relative news, they some how managed to post even more non relative news. Last week it was “breaking news” with some after school fight. This week it’s a typo on a lunch menu. Not even TMZ is this desperate for attention. What LOUSY reporting. What’s next WBZ? Man steps on ant while walking down the street? Please fire your entire staff. You’ve become a joke.

  • Methuen MA - This Is Methuen News? A School Menu Typo On The Huffington Post?

    […] Methuen Fixes ‘KKK Chicken’ Typo On School Lunch Menu « CBS … […]

  • Glorianne

    I have one question. Why is it that it is OK to crucify someone who makes a mistake? These days everyone has to watch what they say, hide what they may feel or think. In essence we all have to conform to someone else’s beliefs OR ELSE THEY ARE WRONG FOR HAVING THEIR OWN OPINION – but this person hit a wrong key and all hell breaks loose!!! SO IT IS OK TO HATE SOMEONE FOR HITTING A “K” INSTEAD OF A “C” Hmmm, MAYBE the person just got some bad news and wasn’t thinking clearly because anyone who thinks it was done on purpose is a FOOL and THAT is my opinion, like it or not!!

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