BOSTON (CBS) – Gas prices are going up. One of the GOP candidates said he would keep gas at $2.50 a gallon.

The only way that could happen is if the government would subsidize every gallon of gas we use. There would be no taxes on gas and that would mean no revenue for the state and none for the feds. The tax money maintains roads and bridges. Residents of California, Hawaii and Alaska pay the highest prices right now.

I am quite sure right about now all of the Hybrid car owners are feeling very smug. As they should. And if you are driving a big SUV, suck it up and smile. You bought the car. Now try to save what you can on gas.

Drive the speed limit. Studies have shown that by driving the speed limit you cut your gas consumption. Driving 65 instead of 75 mph reduces your fuel cost by 13%. Driving at 55 mph would save you 25%. If gas hits $4.00 a gallon, that’s a big savings!

Buy gas when you are going or coming from work. It makes no sense to make a special trip out to buy gas for the car and driving around looking for the best price is also dumb. Try bunching your errands together so you are not driving around every day. Make sure your tires are properly inflated.

Breaking any of the rules when you are driving can cost you and those are dollars you are wasting just because you have a heavy foot or you think a yellow light means step on the gas.

Many cities are considering using cameras at intersections to catch anyone breaking the rules. They use them in Colorado quite effectively. Not only will you be ticketed but your insurance will go up as well.

Parking Tickets:  This one is so easy; do not park in a no-parking zone and don’t double park, no matter how quick the trip into the store will be. You are just asking for a ticket.

And what about the meters? You pull up and you have no change. Keep quarters in your car for the meters and keep track of the time when you are just going to run in for a few minutes. Some meters are now equipped to take credit cards. And in Boston, you need 5 quarters to park for an hour. $1.25 and it truly is a good deal. Cheapest major city.

Not having any change for the meter is not an excuse that will cut it with the meter maid. Use those quarters for the tolls as well and when you see your supply is low, stop and get another roll to have as a backup.

Consider getting a roadside assistance program like Triple A. Some new cars come with a service program but it is the older cars where you need the service. Run out of gas or have a flat tire and you will wish you had the service.

Understand your auto insurance and know what is covered. Car insurance is becoming more competitive. Shop around to see what the best deal is. Do you having towing if your car is in an accident? If you rent a car will your insurance cover it? Don’t let your driving cost you more than it should.

And if you are living in Boston do you even need a car? Renting a car occasionally may be cheaper than owning if you include parking, maintenance and insurance. Think about a zip car.

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  1. 1stackmack says:

    if your commute is all highway,say 30 miles and for the most part no traffic ( not around here,that for sure) a hybrid car sounds good.but if you want to really save gas,buy a car that doesn’t use gas.vw and some vw’s audi models have small diesel engines that get 50 pluss mpg.l know both gm and mazda will be putting diesels in there all ready have had chevrolet cruze’s in europe before we even had the cruze here.and mazda 3 will have a diesel by summer.also take page out of nascar’s play book by drafting the car in front,you not have to be right on the bumper or rubbing the bumper sticker off.keep back a couple car lengths and be sure you can see through the car in front for brake lights.and although its more dangerous drafting semi’s will save fuel.unless you know what the driver of the truck can see,you can’t see around,or know for sure whats a professional driver if we see an issue ahead,will flash the 4 ways to indicate caution ahead .

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