On today’s show Greg Bedard joins Gresh & Zo to discuss all of the important offseason questions for the Patriots.

Bedard says it all will be based on what the team can do with Wes Welker. The team is reportedly going to place the franchise tag on the receiver, but Bedard said the situation remains fluid.

“At this point, there’s not a whole lot going on,” Bedard said on the Welker negotiations. “That being said, you never know if the Patriots could come in with an offer before Welker has to be tagged. I don’t see that happening. If there’s no contract then he’s gonnna be tagged. From there, we’re gonna have to see.

“The optimal thing for both Welker and the team is that they come to an agreement some sort of contract extention that makes sense for both sides.”

Bedard explained that if the Patriots do have to put the franchise tag on Welker, it will become important for the sides to work out a long-term extension so that the Patriots aren’t hamstrung with regard to free agency. The Patriots also run the risk of Welker not signing the franchise tender for a while, thereby creating a drawn-out situation that both sides want to avoid.

All that being said, Bedard doesn’t see a scenario where the Patriots lose Welker.

“Basically what it comes down to for Bill [Belichick] — is this guy a good player? Does he have value for us?” Bedard said. “If he’s not, then we’re gonna let him go. Bill Belichick knows that Wes Welker is a good football player and will be for at least a few years to come. So he’s not about to let him walk out the door and sign with the Jets and have to try to cover him two or three times a year.”

Bedard also offered his take on the futures of Matt Light, Sebastian Vollmer and Nate Solder, how the Patriots will approach free agency, how the contract renegotiation with Chad Ochocinco will play out and what the coaching staff will look like next season.

Listen to Greg Bedard on Gresh & Zo below:


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