BOSTON (CBS) – A little boy from New Hampshire who received treatment at Shriners Hosptial in Boston four years ago is giving back to the hospital.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Ben Parker reports.

Justin Demars was 10 and a half months old when he burned his hand on a radiator at the family home, and thanks to the the work at Shriner’s, he is now a normal, healthy 5-year-old boy.

For his fifth birthday last month, Justin collected toys and money for the hospital. He brought them to the hospital on Wednesday.

“He was very excited, but with that, he wanted to bring toys to little boys and girls with burned hands because for him, he burned his hands, so he thinks everybody – I mean he’s 5 – everybody, if they are burned, they have burned hands,” said Justin’s mother Julie.

Justin said he wanted to give back “to make the people feel better.”

Justin’s father Chad said the effort made perfect sense.

“I had been familiar with it because we always talked with him about what happened to him when he was young. So, it was just a good idea, and he decided to go through with it,” said Chad.

The folks at Shriners were touched by Justin’s generosity.

“Regardless of the amount of money, it’s major because it came from his heart,” said John Sugden.

Julie said Justin still got presents from parents and grandparents, but she’s proud of him for making the donation.

“It’s wonderful,” said Julie. “That’s him. He’s very giving.”

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