NORTON (AP) — The Norton woman severely injured by a hunter while she was walking her dogs in the woods near her home is out of the hospital.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Ben Parker talks to Jim Blair

Cheryl Blair went home on Monday after 10 surgeries and a stint in a rehabilitation hospital required to repair her pelvis, which was shattered when she was shot by an off-duty state trooper on New Year’s Eve.

Blair’s husband, Jim, says his wife is happy to be home but “exhausted” and is not going to give interviews until the investigation into the shooting is complete.

The man who shot the 66-year-old woman, John Bergeron, has said he thought he was shooting at a deer. He has expressed remorse and has not faced any sort of punishment. State environmental officials are still investigating.

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Comments (4)
  1. kmcgee says:

    your supposed to see what your shooting not shooting at movement

    1. donny says:

      Agreed kmcgee!

      Why would this man NOT be prosecuted?…

      Where’s the individual responsibility that we gun owners hold sacred?…

      This story from the very start just sickens me. In a rush to shoot something before time runs out this guy shoots his neighbor!… “Ooops. Sorry.”

  2. Michele says:

    I am glad this woman is ok, and home from the hospital. I have to agree with the comments that are posted. Hunters are supposed to be sure that what they are firing at is in fact their intended target. There was negligence on the part of the hunter, that should not go unpunished.

  3. Italo says:

    I’m still a little bit confused about the fact that when this story came out, they showed the woman’s husband being interviewed and he seemed to play down what happened, and he referred to the shooter as being someone he sometimes went hunting with, and smiling off the incident. Maybe it was nervous smiling or laughter? In any case, I’m sorry for both of them and hope that this woman recovers as fully and quickly as possible, as well.

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