Life In Prison For Man Who Shot Framingham Police Officer In Face

By Paul Burton, WBZ-TV

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – The man who shot a Framingham Police officer in the face three years ago was sentenced to life in prison in Middlesex Superior Court.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports

Sahr Josiah, 24, was found guilty of armed assault with intent to murder, armed assault to rob a person 60 or older, armed robbery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, possession of a firearm and two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports

In 2009, Framingham Police Sgt. Phil Hurton was shot in the face and hand while trying to arrest Josiah, after he robbed a taxi driver on Beaver Street. Sahr was sentenced to 40 years in prison plus life for the conviction.

Hurton suffered serious hand injuries, as well as a shattered jaw. “I really don’t regard him. I can’t allow that hate for what he did to me to build up,” Sgt. Hurton said outside Superior Court.

Sgt. Hurton returned to the force just four months after he was shot.

With tears streaming down her face, Josiah’s mother blames herself for her son’s actions. “That’s all he knows is violence. That’s what he was born and raised in. As a parent I should be thrown in jail not that child,” Sahr Josiah’s mother said.

Sgt. Hurton said he’s happy this dangerous career criminal is behind bars. “There will never be closure. I think it will be with me for my whole career. My scars are a constant reminder of what can happen and how dangerous this is,” Sgt. Hurton said.

  • bill

    Good to see thing work out and the right pepole are going away for a long time .that night was not good for the town and all the people that live in it so he can sit there and think of waht he did and never see the day light

  • jaygee

    Well Sahr, have a nice life…………………….sentence! And no, society was not to blame.

  • ci64

    just was served – But he will see the light of day, have his clothes washed, food made for him, have internet and tv access.. What a life at the Tax Payers expense.

  • mmarcia

    He’ll have a better life than many in the state – 3 hots and a cot, instead of living in his car.

  • ASH

    Life though? really?

  • thor's hammer

    too bad he didn’t get what he really deserved. ah for the days of the spanish inquisition, justice as served up by the vikings and the native american peoples. oh, if only his cell would be 4 ft in diameter, windowless, 40 watt electric bulb on only a total of hmmm maybe 2 hours a day, a slot in the door for 2 meals a day, certainly no phone/tv/computer/free education/visitors. aclu and rev al sharpton wannabes just sit down or i will sit you down. glad the officer will be okay. here in ny (where my dad was nypd for 30+ yrs) since december, we have buried a cop who was the father of 4, and had 3 cops shot at close range. time for the system to not make the good folks pay for the evil in our society who feel they are owed something without contributing to the greater good.

  • A

    That’s okay buddy, don’t worry – you will be out shooting cops before you know it.
    This is Massachusetts.

    Was it 7 years of a life sentence the guy from Woburn served ?

  • ccb

    The mother wants to go to jail – let her. She spawned this mental case…

  • Rob Cleary

    Celebrate Diversity!

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