BOSTON (CBS) – A hallway confrontation interrupted the trial of two men accused of murdering four people in Mattapan back in 2010.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports.

As jurors listened to testimony on Tuesday, all of a sudden there was loud commotion coming from the hallway outside of court.

People in the audience, most of them family members of defendants Dwayne Moore and Edward Washington, then rushed out of the courtroom.

The judge then called an abrupt recess.

“While there is no excuse, none, for the disruption in this courtroom, one that occurred in the hall, trickled in, if you would, by sound into the courtroom… as a result of which, has disrupted and caused a call to recess,” said Judge Christine M. McEvoy.

Following the recess, the judge told they jurors they should not be influenced by the confrontation outside of court.


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