BOSTON (CBS) It’s over. President Obama has won. He says so. Here we look ahead to when Dan Rea will look back at this election season. Not a repeat, it’s a “pre-peat”.

Originally broadcast February 24th, 2012.

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  1. John Cosgrove says:

    To Dan Rae,today`s Boston Globe page 2there`s an article titled rule may cost child support debtors as of next year People who owe child support including people who are disabled could lose 100% of there income if I read it right thanks to anew law and the fact that all treasury checks willbe electronic transfer. I hope this gets to you and would like your thoughts on it.signed John Cosgrove

  2. Mike Riley says:

    Hey Dan,
    Yestersayyour stastion broadcast obama’s weekely saturday address. It was full of the ususl completely unproven hyperbole. The economy is humming along,. GM is selling Chevy Volts (even thouigh nobody is buying them). Wew don’t need oil when there are thousands of clean energy, green jobs coming.
    Definitely a laugh a minute, in my opinion/.

    Then after the speech ended, the WBZ annouincer said “We will hear the Republican response shortly”
    Well 45 minutes later including 2 newscasts on the half hour, I heard NO GOP response.

    So Dan, did your station actually broadcast the Republuican response, or is WBZ completely biased toward Brack Obama?

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