29 Students Suspended In Connection With Lynn English High Girl Fight

Updated: Feb. 28, 4 p.m.

LYNN (CBS) – Twenty-nine students at Lynn English High School have been suspended in the wake of online videos showing two girls fighting.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports

Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy’s chief of staff told WBZ-TV Monday that the suspensions are of varying length.

The video clips, which were eventually taken down, showed a savage fight between two young women at the Cook Street Playground in Lynn.

Dozens of other students stood by cheering the girls on while they recorded the brawl with their own cameras.

The videos showed up on several websites almost immediately after the fight.

Investigators later identified 27 spectators and the two girls in the brawl, which led to the suspensions.

The students are also being required to write an essay about a New York woman murdered in the 1960s while dozens of witnesses did nothing to help her.

“It’s called the bystander effect, when there’s so many people around that nobody takes any action to intervene,” said Lynn Mayor Judith Kennedy. “I hope it’s something that they will not only write, but remember as they go through life.”

The two girls who fought are getting five-day suspensions and face charges of assault and battery. The spectators involved received up to three days suspended.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports

  • sullyinma

    Today’s kids are so far out of touch with reality. They have no clue between right and wrong. To allow this fight to go on and not one student attempt to stop it is pathetic!

  • Dave_D

    Do I need to give up my Bruins tickets? I (or my children) can face discipline for watching a fight? Wow, that is a new one.

    • bosmonkey

      Stupid comment. Dave_D.

      • sue

        Totally agree! I am sure he is raising his kids just like the animals that were suspended from school . . .

      • tsalnew

        you and sue think Dave_D’s comment was stupid? Really? And Sue – nice leap.

    • Mark

      I think theres a big difference between a hockey game and this

    • An old timer in Mass.

      you have your priorities all screwd up. You sound like it wouldn’t bother you if your kifds were bullies?

  • Frank

    I have to disagree with sullyinma. I remember these types of fights when I was in high school in the 1970s. There would be fights behind the high school right after school or on a weekend. The only difference is that there are cameras on every cell phone that captures the fight and utlimately gets plastered all over the web instantaneously.

    • tsalnew

      Frank – I remember them as well and back before the 70s by a couple of decades. As I pointed out on the other blog – same topic – even a Leave it to Beaver episode had a fight in the park everyone was running to watch.

      Dave_D………..I know someone who’ll take those tickets off your hands :)

      • tsalnew

        hi blackbear – you are so right that technology and armchair quarterbacks change the picture.

      • blackbear1

        Hi tsalnew, I have the same memories of fights, with plenty of spectators. Of course we did not have any technology on hand. That aspect almost changes the whole tenor. This incident did occur after school hours, off school grounds. Was there a “continuation” clause applied here? As a retired teacher and a graduate of Lynn English, I have numerous questions.

  • gramps

    How is suspending them from school a punishment?

    Brer Student says, “Do anything you want! You can do anything! You can throw me in the water. You can throw me off the cliff. But please don’t suspend me, causing me to sleep late & tossing me to the park & street corner!….Oh! the ‘humanity’……

    How is this a deterrent?


    • tsalnew

      suspension has always baffled me – dumbest punishment ever for exact reasons you have given.

    • web

      The only think I can think of is that at a minimum it keeps the trouble-makers away from kids who are trying to learn…even if only for a few days. And I’ll assume that it’s on your record, so if you have ‘x’ suspensions, do you get expelled?

      • MA Teacher

        Expulsion is nearly impossible these days. If you are a regular education student, you can be suspended every day…if you are on an IEP, it’s a little different. After 10 suspensions you have a manifestation hearing to make sure the infraction isn’t a result of your disability. So, the answer is, no-multiple suspensions do not add up to an eventual expulsion. However, if these are the types of kids who care, discipline records are now traveling to college with them!

  • Tim

    I had a friend step into stop a fight and had his orbital bone smashed causing him to have plastic surgery. What would the school say if that happened to one of the students? I would not want my kid taking that risk.

  • Matt

    I was unaware that students or people for that matter had a responsibility or a duty to 1. Try and stop a fight and 2. Have to walk away if they do see one and 3. Not record one if one does break out.

    I could possibly see punishment for those kids if it happened on school property. If not then it is not any of the schools business. It becomes a possible legal issue. Other than the two involved. But I am not sure what you can charge a person with when all they are doing is standing around and watching something.

    You want a nanny state? Your getting one!

    • bosmonkey

      Not sure what that is but I do know that a lot of kids are too stupid and irresponsible these days.

      Anyway, I looked something up: MA law Chapter 268, section 40 which is “…this law creates a duty to report, but not a duty to aid” AND it is only for more serious crimes (not assault and battery). So, while I feel the kids are idiots – all of them – they shouldn’t have been punished since not on school grounds, never mind by cops.

      I am pretty sure decent kids stayed away.

      • tsalnew

        bosmonkey – I grew up in a very affluent community and guess what – happened an continues to happen there too. Kids are kids – end of story.

    • David


      You are taking such a crime and punishment approach here.

      Is it the job of our schools to charge students with crimes? No. Is iot the job of our schools to model civility and hold students to high behavioral expectations? YES!

      The school isn’t suspending the students to punish them for a crime. They are suspending students to let them know that the school and society expect more of them.

      If teaching our children to deal with violence by either a) stepping in and stopping it or b) walking away from a dangerous situation is wrong….I must be a nanny! Because that would be my message.

      My message would certainly not be to cheer it on like a barbarian and be witness to someone being brutally injured.

    • web

      I agree, I don’t think people should get charged for not trying to stop the fight, all that would do is make the fight even bigger. I’m sure the school can quote something from their handbook/guildelines that outlines how students are supposed to act, to justify the suspensions. And no, I do not want a nanny state.

  • jaygee

    Judging by the actions of these kids, I seriously doubt that getting suspended from school will have any effect whatsoever. It will probably become something that most of them will boast about to their amigos. It wouldn’t surprise me that once they get the okay to return, one of these intellects will just go into the restroom, write “BOMB” on the mirror and then get another day out of class.

    • tsalnew

      jaygee I guess I don’t understand what actions make these kids seem to not care. I don’t believe watching a fight defines the type of person you are.

  • 1stackmack

    l’m l missing something.did the ” cat fight ” happen on school property.if it did l’m fine with the kids getting suspended.but it happened in park didn’t it, off school property.l don’t think its justified for these 29 kids to have basically, an extended vacation.lf recording stuff kids aren’t spos to do is ticket for a nice sping day at hampton beach , my schools skip day hang out in the early 90’s.they’ll start staging fights like the wwe to get a few days off.

    • tsalnew

      great comment and point onestack!

  • Denise

    if it was done for attention – they got what they wanted. What is this the 10th day or so that this has made the news? The punishment should be they actually STAY in school – not get a couple days or a week off to cause havoc in their towns/neighborhoods while we’re all working! being suspended is a reward to these kids not punishment!

    • tsalnew


  • John

    A smart parent will threaten a law suit. These kids have no duty off of school grounds to report or stop a fight, no more than you do sitting in the stands at Gillette stadium or a bar. If it is illegal to record a fight, then how come it isn’t illegal to record the police making a stop? This whole thing will be laughed out of court. The only way that some of this stuff will stand is if athletes signed a pledge to refrain from being around stuff like this, much like if they attend a party where alcohol was served and didn’t self report.

  • Jim Donovan

    Thought the smaller girl held her own.

    • 1stackmack

      low center of gravity.even a chi wa-wa can get nip in a fight with a pit bull , before its a begin strip.

  • Dawn

    I too agree that if this didn’t happen on school property then why is it there business. If this a justified investigation then why aren’t they investigating the police shooting in Hamilton? These kids had no weapons this is how things were settled when we were young with fists not weapons. Not that either is right but what were the circumstances surrounding the fight and or teh shooting.

  • Ed Keenan

    Bill Shieds .IT is LYNN English HS.and………..NOT The English HS in Boston

  • Abby

    Why has your station continued to show this video every night this week!? Ratings maybe? If you are really so outraged at this, and its impact on viewers, why do you prolong the display of this video. Viewers including children have been exposed to nightly. Seems hypocritical to me.

  • Lorraine McDonell

    Boy what a difference a few years make! I live in Foxboro and my daughter was in Foxboro High back in 2000 when I got a call from the principal to come pick up my child that she was being suspended for breaking up a fight in the cafeteria. Her very petite friend was being beaten and nobody, including adults, would intervene so my daughter did and she was being suspended because of the “no tolerance” rule! Well, we fought it and so the the friend’s parents but we actually had to fight to have her not suspended! We were very proud that she helped out when nobody else did!

  • Bob C.

    Are the students that watched the shooting in the Ohio school get suspended for not stopping the shooting? Hummmm?

    • marie

      good point, but i guess if you have a gun that is one acception.

  • marie

    no knives or guns, that is a good thing. just kids in a squabble like it was in the 70’s. atleast this one was one on one and not ganged up on one. i hate violence, and was bullied through high school. i lived in a town where boys would smack girls for know reason. a football player told me to meet him at the flag pole and shoved me snapped my bra strap, knocked books out of my hand. kicked his but, though i hate violence. i got the suspension because i did the most damage. All he got was embarrassed for losing. maybe this person was bullied, point making is that people watched this fight and bragged about it, and other football players challenged me to a fight that i did not want. let the school know, but back then they did not do prevention strategies. i don’t think the bystanders should be suspended unless they ganged up. someone should have tried to stop the fight.

  • An old timer in Mass.

    What is our county coming to. It’s OK to stand and watch two kids beat up each other. We are supposed to be civilized people, standing watching two school kids pound on each other, is not the action of civilized society. Most of the comments are that there is nothing wrong, just standing by and watching. I winder how they would feel if it were their kid, I hope they would have a different attitude.

    • Tsalnew

      From Another old timer in MA. Kids fight all the time. Is it right. No. Is it something that should get this much attention. No. Should parents deal with it as they always have. Yes. It isn’t this big a deal. It’s a learning experience and you can believe my kids would learn from it if involved. From me. ME. I have three kids who are remarkable adults They didn’t get there being raised by the blogs or the town or the authorities.

  • Lisa

    A 5 day school suspension .. does this teach empathy? compassion? treating others well? no … It gives them 5 days out of school … As a community we need to step in and help .. these kids do need to be taught being responsibility for their actions AND they should be “Paying It Forward” for an extended period of time and working with all types of people and situations … this is ridiculous and doe not address anything … the kids family backgrounds should also be looked at to make sure that all is okay on the home front as well.

  • Claire

    This is bigger than just not so bright girls fighting and their horrific onlookers doing nothing about it and putting it out onthe social media! It is the sick society we live in, parents that give their kids what they want, protect them too much, parents are worse than the kids, they learn from what they see. See on the TV, see at home, see others doing. A law suit, that’s all you think will help this situatiion? Come on, grow up. Deal with your kids head on, punishment here is not sufficient enough. They all should do community service for 5 months! Let them clean toilets, pick up garbage (that they probably left), let them work! Suspension is just they will sit home and play video games oir txt each other! What good is that? Grow up America!

  • Willow

    My concern with students fighting today is no one knows if one of them may be carrying a a weapon. Yes, I remember fighting by kids in and out of school, but never once did we ever worry about being shot as a result. Look at the high school shootings, the most recent in Ohio where a second student has died. This is not our grandparent’s world any longer, or even us older generation’s. Fighting SHOULD be taken seriously. In this case, however, I don’t think it was up to the school since the fighting didn’t take place on school grounds. I think that families are no longer what they used to be and is so out of control that I don’t know what the answer is. Doing nothing certainly is NOT the answer.

  • Tickanee

    The school is overstepping their bounds by getting involved with something that was neither on school property nor a school sponsored activity. This is not the school’s business AT ALL! The responsibility lies with the parents of the girls who were fighting and the police to determine if charges should be filed. None of the bystanders or even the people who made the video did anything illegal. It may be morally wrong to stand by and do nothing, but not criminal. Parents need to teach their children right from wrong and actually PARENT! But I am so tired of hearing of schools getting involved in meting out punishment for something that had nothing to do with the school. It is no wonder more and more parents are homeschooling. I hope the parents fight the suspensions.

    • gramps

      ‘Anarchy’, “That’s the ticket”!


  • JAWN

    Since when is it the schools responsibility to step into a matter that did not take place on school grounds? If this incident occurred at a private residence, would the students still be suspended? The school has no authority to act on this when it did not occur on school property, plain and simple! It would be the police responsibility if some one had reported it and they responded to the scene. But to punish bystanders and even the one who recorded it is going over board. Come on, it is the parents responsibility to teach their children to respect others and not end up fighting. I to remember back in the 70’s when fights would occur, it was typically after school, behind the building or off school grounds. No one was suspended unless they were actually seen and it happened during school hours, even then it would have to have been something really bad. The school should stay out of this!

    • An old timer in Mass.

      It doesn’t bother you that kids stood around cheering as two girls pounded on each other. This is what they did in ancient Rome, not in a modern civilation. More upset about what the school did, than the fight itself, hard to believe such a thought process

  • Lisa

    I dont care where it happened. Since school is a major part of most kids lives …it can step in as much as the rest of us should and teach these kids that they are cared about, that what they do matters, that other people have value and that this is NOT acceptable. Social conscience is a great thing because you dont do things because it falls under your jurisdiction, you do things because it’s the RIGHT thing to do and because something poistive can be born from something so very negative.

  • Tech-Savy

    WBZ webmaster…It seems you are using Javascript to reload this page after a certain amount of time. Please remove that line (or lines) of code as they are not needed. If I want to reload the page, I’ll hit F5 on my keyboard.

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