BEDFORD, N.H. (CBS) – Two bald eagles were spotted tangled in one another on Route 101 in Bedford, New Hampshire on Sunday morning.

Troopers who arrived on the scene and originally thought they were responding to an accident, but instead they saw a car stopped in the middle of the road to protect the rare birds.

Trooper S. Clark said the birds appeared to have been mating, though she wasn’t certain.

“They were definitely intertwined with one another, and one seemed to be pretty protective of the other,” said Clark.

Because bald eagles are federally protected, troopers called in the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department to protect them.

“It was kind of hairy for a little while, considering the spot that they landed in is not something that you’d normally see in a very highly traveled area,” said Clark.

Crews tried to approach the birds, but they became agitated before detaching themselves from each other and flying away.

Clark said in her 24 years on the force, she has never seen two eagles land on a highway.

Comments (7)
  1. JG says:

    Get a room!

    1. vlizzle says:

      LMAO – thanks for that one

  2. Cat fight ! says:

    Wow, someone actually took time out of their busy day to halt traffic and protected wildlife…There is some hope.

    1. Tsalnew says:

      At the wayside country store on route 20 on the Marlboro / Sudbury line the geese and ducks cross the road regularly and cars always stop. It is always great to see

      1. Cat fight ! says:

        it be nice if this is an occurring trend.. too many people could not give a ratz ass of animals in the road to stop especially spring time newborn’s

  3. abdul kareem jabbar says:

    doesnt protected mean the gestapo should have left them alone?

    1. Cat fight ! says:

      YES,, however thank God Tufts and anyone associated with that school was nowhere around to meddle with wildlife like the nesting hawk in Somerville.. Chances are if a Tufts nitwit was around they’d break them up with a fire hose. at least in this case sounds like they were given time to do their deed and take off on their own ( rare ) without HUMAN interference. ( even RARE )

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