BOSTON (CBS) – The race is on for the congressional seat being vacated by Barney Frank’s retirement.

WBZ’s Jon Keller recently sat down with one of the contenders, Republican Sean Bielat, who was the Republican nominee against Frank two years ago.

On Joe Kennedy III’s candidacy:

“It obviously heightens attention to the race, which is good. It’s a good thing. This is one of the most competitive races, certainly in Massachusetts, and probably in New England. It’s a great pickup opportunity for a Republican. I think we’re gonna win it this year.”

Is Kennedy qualified to be a Congressman?

“That’s for the voters to decide. Frankly, I don’t enough about him.”

Bielat went on to discuss Kennedy’s backers, unions and life without Barney Frank in the first segment.

Watch Part 1:

On the proposed casino in Foxboro:

“That’s a local issue. It’s not a federal issue. It’s an issue for the people of Foxboro to decide. I’ve heard a lot of opinions on both sides. There’s pros, there’s cons. It’s for the people who live in Foxboro to make that decision.”

Is casino gambling a valid form of economic growth?

“It can be. It depends on how it’s done. There’s certainly been economic benefit.”

In the second segment, Beilat went on to talk about the proposed plan to expand the Commuter Rail and what he would propose cutting from the federal budget.

Watch Part 2:

You can listen to Keller At Large on WBZ News Radio every weekday at 7:55 a.m. and 12:25 p.m. You can also watch Jon on WBZ-TV News.

Comments (19)
  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Sean at CPAC, and he is the real deal. Lord knows we need to be supporting REAL conservative for public office. I sent a donation to, and I suggest others follow with me!

  2. scott says:

    Why would anyone, left or right, political or apolitical, want to elect someone who’s only real claim is that he has a genealogy.Joe may be a nice guy, IDK. But we need people who are going to DC because they want to serve the American People, not because they want to go play the political game his families dynasty has been so mired in. We need real leaders with bold solutions that think out of the box and have the ability and the ambition to fix things. We have some major crisis going on. Now is not the time for token politicians. Now is the time for leaders who will get things done. We need leaders who will tear the lobbyists and special interest from the legislation process, not have welcoming parties for them. C’mon Dems in MA, find a quality leader to run against Sean Bielat not just a Surname.

    1. gramps says:

      To use a ‘racing term’ these two are ‘Maidens’….(tsal, look it up)

      They have no record to go on, just ‘schooling & lineage/dna’….

      Given that, Kennedy is a ‘bleeding heart, no-good/dangerous, spending/credit card carrying liberal’…..

      If he wins, ‘America loses’!


      1. tsalnew says:

        gramps – since horses have been a major part of my life since my two girls began riding and owning horses at young ages, there is no need to look it up but nice of you to assume I would not be familiar with the term. My daughter showed only “maidens,” using the term in the show world as opposed to racing, was always in the ribbons and for the most part was either reserve or champion – A shows! You never, ever discount a maiden. And what’s even more amusing is that the “maidens” she rode/owned were the ones everyone said were too “hot” and she should stick with the “made” horses – perhaps liberal and conservative could be substituted for those terms – either way the advice was amazingly inaccurate.

  3. ChristyWaters says:

    Our country is in such crisis, it’s not enough to vote for someone based on their family name, who will end up becoming yet another career politician. It’s time to elect people to Congress who have private sector experience if we really want to fix these problems, instead of sending pols to DC who only pay lip service to solutions in order to get elected. Support Sean Bielat.

  4. Tsalnew says:

    I’ll have to do more research on Bielat. However discounting him for name without knowing what he stands for is a concern for me. Did any of you vote for Jr. I didn’t but nphad nothing to do with name. How about Jeb. He’s caught my interest more than once. Glad I didn’t judge him on name. Would you have voted for John Quincy. I know I would have. Guess I don’t understand the mindset of discounting a person because of name. Maybe there is something more concrete about Joe that you do not like. That’s what I’d really like to learn

    1. Tsalnew says:

      That’s discounting Kennedy and not Bielat b/c of name. And while here again, what is it about Bielat you like that would make you support him. I really like that Jon had given us this forum to learn about the candidates from each other

  5. Karen says:

    What is Bielat’s stance on birth control ? I hate to ask such a retrograde question, but after seeing those buffoons in the GOP presidential debate, i have to ask. Also, has Bielat worked for any war contractors? And would he vote to start another war?

    1. Pat says:

      Oh puleeze what a manufactured crisis this birth control issue is. Who is outlawing birthcontrol????? Geez the left overplayed that issue imho. Karen, there is more access to birthcontrol now adays so calm down, no one is outlawing it. Everyone has access if they want it . And, if you and your partner can’t pony up $20 between you each month – you got more problems to think of.
      War contractors??? He’s a VET for cryin out loud. Really Karen???

  6. scott says:

    Tsalnew, no one is discounting him because of his name…just the opposit. Look into his record of accomplishment. I have a problem with him being chosen just because of his name. Newcomer politicians of his caliber start at the very local level and prove themselves. Joe# just jumps into the big pot. Sean Bielat has a great record of accomplishment. He has done things to prove leadership skill. What Joe3 brings to the table is an inherited ability to work well with lobbyists and special interest. I like Jeb better than 41 or 43 BTW and I do not want him to run for President.

    Karen, I have not seen any politician advocate the ban of birth control. Can you please point one out and source for me? Major red herring.

    1. Tsalnew says:

      Scott. Joes resume is impressive. What specifically is it you do not like. So far I haven’t found much on him. And please read several comments before mine – only negative mentioned was name. What is it about Bielat you like.

    2. Tsalnew says:

      Scott I got as far as cutting including “entitlements” and reducing tax burden on big buisiness in biielat’s views The same big buisiness sitting on trillions who don’t want to give it up. Giving them more to sit on does nothing for me. Trickle up is not working. You only have to look at how well cutting and the austerity program worked in Europe. I will read more but anyone who votes for the wealth and forgets middle class drives out economy won’t ever get my vote.

    3. gramps says:

      tsal, the other day it dawned on me where we’ve met B/4……

      I’ve been on ‘Jury Duty’ twice in my life & on both occasions suffered through listening to jurors like you…..

      It’s not just ‘Liberal Judges’ we must worry about…


      1. tsalnew says:

        awww shucks, gramps, I’d say that I suffer through listening to you except you just plain make me smile. And I am flattered that you put so much time into thinking about me ;)

  7. sloopjohnB2 says:

    Hey Tsalnew, check Joe K’s resume. He worked for district Attorney Leone for three months. This extensive resume more than qualifies himm for Congress. Please let me know the date of Hugo Chavez’s fund raiser for him. Go go Joe for oil.

    1. Tsalnew says:

      Did i say anywhere i like Joe? On joes web site I do not see views on issues yet. It’s time for those to be posted. Bielat also has some views I really like. Im curious to know what people sincerely like. About any. This could be a great discussion I like Bielets position on alternative energy and on global warming or not. Basically he says no matter the reason for climate change we ned to respect the environment and develop altenatiive energy so as not to depend on foreign sources. like his position on Israel. He recognizes that we need to work with Israel He criticizes the partisanship. I need to find more on how he’s tried to actually do that. Anyone have examples.

  8. scott says:

    First lets start with entitlements Tsalnew. Europe’s problem was not the austerity program. It was the mess that trying to turn a safety net into a fishing net in the first place that caused the problem. That is like saying the fireman crated major water damage putting out a fire., then blaming him for the mess the place is left in.

    What I like about Bielat is his intentions. He intends on going to DC to solve problems, not play the political game that has gotten us into that mess. Point out to me one Bold solution that Joe3 has put forth. Please tell me what part of Joe3 resume is so impressive.

    From Seans website:
    Sean’s career highlights include—

    Major, U.S Marine Corps Reserve
    Independent Consultant. Helped client companies build market strategies
    Program Manager, iRobot Corporation. Led $100 million, 100 person business line providing life-saving defense robots used to destroy roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan
    Chairman, NATO Industrial Armaments Group. Led an international team studying the potential for use of advanced reconnaissance technology in urban warfare
    Management Consultant, McKinsey & Company
    Lieutenant, U.S. Marine Corps (active duty)
    Sean worked his way through college and graduate school, aided by scholarships and the GI Bill. He now holds a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, a Master in Public Policy from the Harvard University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Georgetown University

    Joe3 accomplishments?

    1. Tsalnew says:

      Scott. I hope you read better when it comes to qualifications than you do my posts. Please tell me where I said Joe supported any of my views. I can’t find his views and that is something I find bothersome. Second time I said that. As far as austerity in Europe. Yournopinionnis not one I share. That aside there is an austerity problem in this country and I’m not sure Sean sees it. I do like some of his other views – second time I said that also. BUT unless I am convinced any politician sees that continuing to trickle money up is destroying this country and cutting entitlements -that I spent my entire life paying for – will hurt seniors I will not vote for him/her. Some of Sean’s views seem to indicate he doesn’t see the income disparity. But withbhis vews i like ill have to watch him It is my opinion that with the ruin of the middle class in this country we will not survive.

      In case it isn’t clear I will again say that I never said I’m supporting Kennedy. I simply do not understand the many comments that people won’t consider him because of name. Not sure how you assumed it meant I am supporting him but I am not at the moment supporting anyone. I’m still learning and that’s what I hoped would happen here. Sooooooo what views does Sean have that you support other than intending to solve problems which I also said
      Sorry for typos if any. Late and on my phone.

  9. Tsalnew says:

    Apparently Brown wants to run using the Kennedy name also. Incredibly poor taste

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