NEW YORK (AP) — A son of Robert F. Kennedy is facing misdemeanor charges after fighting with nurses at a suburban New York hospital while trying to carry his newborn son out of the maternity ward.

WNBC-TV reported Friday that nurses at Northern Westchester Hospital say they tried to stop Douglas Kennedy because he wasn’t allowed to take the baby from the ward.

Instead, they say, Kennedy argued with them while holding the baby and then became violent during the Jan. 7 incident.

One nurse says Kennedy twisted her arm; another says he kicked her in her pelvic area.

Kennedy and his wife call the allegations “absurd.”

He was arraigned Thursday on child endangerment and other charges.

Kennedy is a reporter for Fox News and the 10th child of Robert F. and Ethel Kennedy.

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Comments (9)
  1. Tannerjack says:

    Just another Kennedy who thinks that rules are for the little people. I can’t imagine getting into an altercation while holding a baby. What a tool.

  2. Donald Wallace says:

    The fact is that if I or most any other had done that , along with being charged we would be in jail. Over the years they’ve walked free from murder,rape,, dui and who knows what else that never made the papers or news. I only hope that in the end, Ted had to face Mary Jo Kopeckne, that is if he got a free pass from God also,

    1. jgfox says:

      Yes, Donald you are exactly right!

      If I ignored hospital rules and twisted a Nurse’s arm … in the slammer … in an instant.

      Then if I kicked or kneed a 5 ft. Nurse, who was following safety procedures, and knocked her to the ground … aggravated assault charges would be piled on top of the initial charges.

      So they arrest him the next day after whatever drug or alcohol was in his system is gone.

      Next he’ll have a brace on his neck and be crying about the “Kennedy Curse”.

      Yes, there is a curse.

      Too many Kennedy A-Holes.

  3. Pat says:

    One of the 99% would be in jail!

  4. OBIE says:


    1. Tannerjack says:

      So the two nurses are lying?

  5. Stephanie says:

    The hospital and the nurses are responsible for the care of each patient until the patient is discharged from the hospital, by the physician caring for that patient. The emergency room physician had no right. I feel sorry for the doctor who is sticking up for the Kenndeys, hope you don’t need the assistant of a nurse ANY TIME SOON.
    Stephnaie RN, MSN. a nurse for 18 years

  6. Stephanie says:

    If you don’t want to follow hospital rules have your baby at home, maybe the er doc would have delivered your wife, and ensured the safety of your newborn child with 24 hour care. Think about it next time you looser. Your name means nothing to me.

  7. Sandygrn says:

    I concur with Stephanie, RN’s statement. Having been an RN for 30+ years qualifies me, in my opinion, to speak on behalf of caregivers everywhere in matters of safety while “on duty”.
    Biohazard threats from blood, body fluid and airborne pathogens are incurred routinely by today’s hospital and clinical workers. Incidences of work-place musculoskeletal injuries are so common place that they have been the focus of prevention programs and strategies for decades. In addition, there exists the threat in certain clinical situations of physical injury to the caregiver by drugged and/or confused patients.
    Physical assault by a hospital visitor on a caregiver while she/he is in the line of duty and adhering to workplace protocols/policy is CRIMINAL BATTERY. May justice be served. We WILL be watching.

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