By Meteorologist Joe Joyce, WBZ-TV

A storm center is departing and lifting into the maritimes. This storm is also deepening into a stronger storm. Strong westerly winds wrapping in behind this low are whipping through New England today. Building high pressure to our SW is helping to enhance the gradient.  There are very strong winds aloft. It is hard to say if all of this power will mix all the way down to the ground…but it is safe to say… These winds will be strong and persistent enough to make for wind damage with fallen limbs, branches and power lines. Wind Advisory for most areas 20-30 mph winds gust to 50. A Wind warning along the south Coast including the Cape and Islands thru 8 PM for sustained winds 30-40 with gust to 60 mph possible.

The storm deposited a fresh new 6-12″ of snow across many northern mountains. From Stowe to Cannon to Sunday River and Sugarloaf are all skiing in Powder today. Even Fort Kent in northern Maine has picked up close to 20″ of snow! Upsloping  Westerly winds will keep the snow showers going for most of the day ain the Greens and Whites which could deposit another half foot of snow in spots! very jealous.  Residual clouds and a well mix boundary layer help to keep partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies from time to time in these blustery conditions. Highs will hold steady in the Lwr 40’s with mid 40’s at the coast with wind chills feeling like the 30’s. Lake effect snows from central NY are reaching the Berkshires and even flurries pushing all the way into Worcester county.

Skies will be clearing tonight as a cold front pushes off the coast. The windy conditions will still be in place, but without the energy of the Sun…will die off a bit. Still wind gust to 30+ will make for a blustery evening as lows will drop into the lwr 20’s. High pressure continues to build in from the west for Sunday. Winds from the NW will start our breezy and brisk. Windchills at dawn will be near zero. But as the storm exits and the high builds, winds will be diminishing during the midday and afternoon. A cooler more comfortable day with brilliant sunshine and highs in the upper 30’s…nearing 40 in spots.

Monday and Tuesday will feature a return to warmer weather again with temperatures climbing back into the 40’s with plenty of sunshine. SW winds will warm Monday to near 50. A weak front moves through Monday night for slightly cooler air Tuesday.

Our next weather maker comes in the Wednesday-Thursday time frame. A closed low will be tracking east and moving just south of the New England coastline. With a stationary front along the south coast and a few lows moving along it…Wednesday will be a mix of rain in the south, with wet snow in the North. Another low may drag in enough colder air Thursday to allow for any rain to change back to snow….Plenty of uncertainty this far out in terms of timing, ptype…but we will be watching it.


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  1. 1stackmack says:

    two things.1 good day to fly a kite,if you got strong arms and weigh more than 300 lbs.and 2 and this is important.when driving around today,don’t ride next to a tractor trailer unit in this wind.especially if its a dry van type trailer.if truck goes over a bridge or is in a clear area with no trees.well then you have a big kite rolling down the highway.l run a dump trailer,its windy to put body up .l’f l do it will definetly blow over ..

  2. Dottie says:

    At least the weather folks got the wind thing right.

  3. BaileyMan says:

    Hi Everyone!
    Well needless to say but, I clearly was wrong when I projected that from mid February on we would likely see a snowier colder pattern. My forecast was in error despite indications that the environment appeared likely to undergo a dramatic shift to colder and snowier weather over the Northeast. So I submit my incorrect forecast as misleading. For any of you who were able to accurately predict this anomalous winter pattern I say, GOOD JOB!
    As for today, WOW! Was it windy!!! I hope few of you were negatively impacted by this rush of wind.
    As for the week and/or weeks ahead. Dare I say, I expect a more changeable and perhaps volatile winter pattern shaping up with some mild spells along with occasional blasts of colder arctic air!
    As for the MILLION dollar question, WILL THERE BE AT LEAST 1 BIG SNOWSTORM? Well based on what I am looking at, I humbly think that, there will be at least a few opportunities for snow over the next few weeks. Finally, if I had to bet on the likelihood of at least one sizeable snowstorm? I would bet yes!! But then again, I did miss my February call. So time will tell???!!!
    Our first CHANCE of snow comes later this week, by no later than Thursday. We shall see? Have a great weekend all!

    1. Dottie says:

      Go back to your secret weather blog. By the way, it isn’t so secret.

      1. man-o-wx says:

        If it wasnt so secret, then you should have known that BaileyMan isn’t on that weather blog…oh snap…

  4. bovice says:

    you are so cool. go pound sand

  5. Dottie says:

    Certainly not crying over no snow. Every day with no snow is a great day. Love to hear the snow lovers crying.

    1. funnybone says:

      Me too. They are all tools. This blog is empty in the summer, when all winter they say they love all weather, not just snow…HAHA. That’s snow joke. :)

  6. likes all weather says:

    Dottieu are the exact reason why the so many people left what a loser

  7. likes all weather says:

    Dottie u are the exact reason why so many people left what a loser

  8. man-o-wx says:

    So it was windy but it was also tolerable given that the temp was in the mid 40s ordinarily it would be surprising this mild west to northwest wind but this has not been an ordinary winter West northwest wind has been mild all winter. Artic is warming and Al Gore is reveling. Will it be colder next winter. Almost a guarantee. but significantly??? probably not.

    Global warming is here today
    global warming is here to stay
    global warmng global warming
    won’t go away won’t go away.

    Courtesy of Al Gore.

    PS Boston will set a new dec – feb record average temp. The nation very mild as well.

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