Tim Murray Unapologetic, Wishes He Never Left House Before Crash

By WBZ-TV Chief Correspondent Joe Shortsleeve

BOSTON (CBS) – Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray is frustrated and unapologetic.

After months of questions and speculation, he vigorously defends his record and his reputation.

As Chief Correspondent Joe Shortsleeve found out, the Lieutenant Governor wants to move forward.

Shortsleeve: Do you have any regrets for anything you have said of done following the accident?

Murray: “I have tried to present everything that happened to the best of my recollection. I am not an accident expert. I take the State Police at their word for what they say happened. I wish I had never left the house.”

WBZ-TV’s Joe Shortsleeve reports

It has been three months since Lt. Governor Tim Murray crashed his state car, but the questions about what exactly happened won’t stop.

Shortsleeve: Were you were truthful all along?

Murray: “Listen, this accident happened in seconds. I am not an accident expert. And I have taken responsibility for it.”

In the hours after the crash, Murray implied he was not speeding, but it turned out he was. He said he was wearing his seat belt but the car’s black box indicated he was not. He said he slid on black ice but State Police determined he fell asleep. Nonetheless, Murray does not apologize for the inconsistencies.

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Shortsleeve: Why has this gone on and on and on?

Murray: “I don’t know Joe, perhaps you can answer that or others can answer it. I am just trying to do my job every day. I have tried to get the information out. I have stood before the public, answered questions repeatedly and taken responsibility for the accident.”

Murray says he was up early inspecting snow storm damage but now admits he was also troubled about a pending Boston Globe story regarding his relationship with disgraced former Chelsea Housing official Mike McLaughlin.

Murray: “So that was one of many things on my mind. And I never said that wasn’t something that concerned me. It still makes me angry as we speak but I can’t pin point for any one reason why I was up early.”

Murray stands by the recent decision not to release his detailed phone records from the hours around the crash.

Shortsleeve: You could provide more details if you wanted, why wouldn’t you?

Murray: “Well as I have said, I was not on the phone. I was not texting. Where does it end?”

Murray who remains very popular in his home town of Worcester can’t understand why the accident has cast him in a negative spot light.

Murray: “I am frustrated. I have been in this job for five and half years. I have done some pretty substantial things on policy and projects and they have gotten very little attention.”

Murray wants to get on with the job of governing. On Monday, with Governor Patrick out of town, Murray by Executive Order will create a committee focused on the saving this state’s six military bases from the federal budget ax. Murray will chair the committee.


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