HOPKINTON, N.H. (CBS) – A suspected rabid coyote attacked a teen in Hopkinton, New Hampshire on Wednesday.

Jed Aubertin was walking his family dog near his home when a coyote approached them. After the dog ran away, the coyote attacked the teen.

The 15-year-old reportedly punched the coyote in the nose until it left the area.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports

“It jumped up from the edge of the dyke, and then I hit it pretty hard on the side of the head, and then it went down for three or four seconds. I figured it was out, so I kind of let my guard down a little bit, and then it woke back up and grabbed me by my throat. I punched it right in the mouth,” said Jed Auberdin.

Auberdin has one regret. He wishes he killed the animal. “I’m just kind of scared. I feel bad because we’ve got neighbors, a lot of young people in the neighborhood that couldn’t defend themselves against it.”

During the attack, the teen was scratched and possibly bitten. He received rabies shots as a precaution.

“It’s the first time we know of that a coyote has attacked a person in New Hampshire,” said Pat Tate, a wildlife biologist with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

Earlier in the week, a coyote attacked a dog in the same area, and Tate suspects it to be the same coyote.

Anyone that spots the coyote should call Fish and Game Law Enforcement dispatch at (603) 271-3361.

Comments (16)
  1. PeeWee says:

    This is why something MUST be done about the coyote population! Everyone gave me such a bad time last week on another tread but C’MON–WHEN ARE YOU ALL GOING TO EFFING WAKE UP??? Suppose this happened to you, your child, or your pet?

  2. mmarcia says:

    Did the dog come home?

    1. taubertin says:

      thanks for asking.. our dog is fine. Peace

  3. martha french says:

    the coyote was rabid, it could’ve been a rabid raccoon that attacked him, should we then kill all the raccoons?

    1. tsalnew says:

      agreed Martha – we would then have to destroy Bats and Skunks and many other animals. We are doing a good enough job of destroying their habitat as it is.

  4. nhbowhunter says:

    i like in hopkinton and not far from where this attack happend. if i see the coyote in my yard it will be the last yard he visits..

    1. Cat fight ! says:

      Ooooo. a he man.

  5. taubertin says:

    not sure where your comment was coming from. No one has suggested the eradication of coyotes or raccoons. My son simply responded to an emergency with swift and defensive measures…there was no political agenda.

    1. tsalnew says:

      I’m not sure where someone said your son had a political agenda – perhaps a comment was removed? I think he is a very brave and level headed young man and did exactly what he should have with no time at all to think about the right thing to do.

  6. George Bush says:

    Jed Aubertin was walking his family dog near his home when a coyote approached them. After the dog ran away, the coyote attacked the teen.

    I laughed, that is one brave guard dog!

    But seriously if it was not a big and young dog it is a good thing it took off instead of fighting the coyote.
    I was awoken around 5am one day last summer by some crazy noises on my deck, I ran down and a cat was up on the rail and was about to become a coyote snack. The coyote walked off when I can out and I let the kitty hang out in my house for a few hours. They are quite commen where I live and that prevents people from owning outdoor cats, and I have seen them out when kids were outside playing.

    1. tsalnew says:

      I was sitting on my deck reading last summer – I live in a very heavily populated town but the aqueduct runs behind my house – and I looked up to see what I thought was a dog running through the yard. Turned out to be a coyote. He looked at me and was clearly more afraid of me than I was of him (hard to believe) and just kept going. We hear them often in the spring at night.

    2. ohomisi says:

      Cats should be kept indoors anyway. For their own health and safety and for that of the birds and other wildlife that cats kill.

      1. George Bush says:

        Some pounds are full of feral/barn cats. They just sit in a room all day staring at other cats. They would be better off as an outdoor cat even if their life is likely to be shortened, it will still be a far better life overall. Cats love to chase and smell things outside and not every cat is cut out to be an indoor cat, especially once they go a little feral.

  7. Cat fight ! says:

    .BFD Mass candy asses afraid of anything and everything…
    “vicious wild turkey”, hawks, bats , wasps this state is over run with crying twits
    All the time i spend with wildlife i have yet to see any coyote want to stay close for that perfect photo. when they clearly go the other direction.
    grow some nuts people

  8. charlie says:

    maybe it was just hungry ,being NH> shoot it on site to see if it was rabid . there are so many now losing one wont matter

  9. Sharon Long says:

    I’m lucky , I live in Boston……….where Coyotes are friendly I guess. My dog chased them for a few years, she pinned one down too. I called her off . A pack chased her. one cay, so we dont’ chase them anymore. I’ve had them follow us………….I ‘ve even had to come when I call…………..

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