PALMER (CBS) – A veteran state trooper was relieved of his duty Thursday, shortly after he was arrested for allegedly attacking his wife.

State Police spokesman David Procopio said troopers were called to a home in Brimfield around 1:30 a.m.

According to a police report, Trooper Donald Pillsbury assaulted his wife and refused to call an ambulance.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports

She was taken to Harrington Memorial Hospital in Southbridge for evaluation and treatment. Procopio said she had “visible injuries.”

Pillsbury was arrested and taken to the Sturbridge barracks, where he was booked and immediately relieved of duty.

Pillsbury is the fourth Massachusetts State Trooper arrested in as many months.

“We confiscated Pillsbury’s service firearm as well as personal firearms that were stored securely in his home. We also confiscated his State Police identification, license to carry, and cruiser. An internal hearing is being arranged to determine changes to Pillsbury’s duty status. His police dog, which was in a kennel at his home, is being secured by the K-9 Section,” said Procopio, who later added that troopers recovered around 25 personal firearms and his on-duty weapon from the home.

Pillsbury’s wife  says this is not the first time she has been abused.

According to investigators, Trooper Pillsbury and his wife had been at a wake, had been drinking and got into a fight.

According to the police report, Pillsbury grabbed her and threw her into a wall. While she was lying on the bathroom floor, Pillsbury kicked her several times.

She got a restraining order Wednesday night, but dropped it today.

Pillsbury joined the State Police in May 1994.

He will face a hearing Friday to determine his future with the State Police.

Pillsbury’s attorney, Joseph Kittredge says the trooper expects to stay on the job, but State Police released this statement:

“The department has no tolerance – zero – for any act of domestic abuse. The defendant’s actions, as alleged by the victim, are reprehensible. We will continue to investigate the incident thoroughly. In addition to the criminal prosecution, the State Police Internal Affairs Section has begun its own investigation, and the department will take appropriate action based on the results of those investigations,” Procopio said.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson contributed to this report.

Comments (9)
  1. chilitokid says:

    The Pillsbury dough boy….just another in a long line of Staties who need to be disciplined. I wonder if these guys are drug tested for the same drugs pro athletes are?

  2. George Bush says:

    It is a fact that the profession of people most likely to beat their wives is cops, they are often the losers and bullies in high school.
    A cop in my town was arrested for beating up and threating to kill his girlfriend last year.

  3. George Bush says:

    troopers recovered around 25 personal firearms and his on-duty weapon from the home.

    Why do violent nut jobs love guns so much? I am not against gun ownership but nobody needs 25 guns. And proven violent and crazy people should not be allowed to own guns.

    2nd amendment? “A well regulated militia” he was not in a militia and he was not well regulated enough.

  4. Captain Paul says:

    Trooper Pillsbury is innocent until proving guilt in a court of law on the evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. There is always two sides of the story and we are only hearing the wife side, true or not true. Under what influence is she under or was she under? This case has media attention and he is alleged guilty in media. Trooper Pillsbury will have to prove his innocent to walk away. But he is already paying for his alleged crime to the Commonwealth and will alway pay a heavy price for alleged crime guilty or not guilty.He will pay and his two children will also pay for this non discretionary family event. His family will never be the same do to a lack of discretion with all party involved. There is no going back to the way we were. God bless you Trooper and your children.

  5. little d says:

    Talk about a non story……..If this guy was a plumber no one would hear this story. Perhaps it was self defense? Perhaps its complete lies? I read that the children that were both home, one of them 19 years old said he never touched her. Also read that she dropped the restraining order the next morning. Well, whats the story? she scared for her life one night and drops the restraining order the very next morning. Sounds like shes a head case to me. Porch light is on, but nobodys home good luck to the trooper and his children.

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