BOSTON (CBS) — When Ryan Braun adamantly denied his use of performance-enhancing drugs in December, he sounded like every other busted steroid user, and there weren’t many who believed him.

As it turns out, he was telling the truth, as the National League MVP won his appeal and won’t be suspended 50 games by Major League Baseball.

Tom Haudricourt of the Journal-Sentinel in Milwaukee first reported the news. CBSSports’ Jon Heyman reported that Braun won his appeal on a 2-to-1 vote.

MLB released a statement after the ruling, saying, “MLB vehemently disagrees with the decision rendered today.”

“I am very pleased and reliever by today’s decision,” Braun said in a release on Thursday. “It is the first step in restoring my good name and reputation. We were able to get through this because I am innocent.”

Braun, 28, won the MVP Award after hitting .332 with 33 home runs and 111 RBIs. The 33 homers weren’t particularly eye-popping, given that he hit 34 in just 113 games as a rookie in 2007 and he hit 37 the following season.

In December, news broke that he had tested positive for a banned substance and faced a 50-game suspension, pending appeal.

“There are highly unusual circumstances surrounding this case which will support Ryan’s complete innocence and demonstrate there was absolutely no intentional violation of the program,” a statement from Braun read in December. “While Ryan has impeccable character and no previous history, unfortunately, because of the process we have to maintain confidentiality and are not able to discuss it any further, but we are confident he will ultimately be exonerated.”

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  1. Sherm says:

    Welcome, America, to the world pro cycling has lived in for 50 years.  Braun’s tactic of deny, deny, deny, until his killer lawyers get him off on a ridiculous technicality, then proclaim the technicality proves his innocence is straight out of Lance Armstrong’s playbook.  Braun practically quotes Lance with the whole “I’ve been tested XX times and never failed a test” line.

    I doubt MLB will fight too hard to prove their MVP is a fake and send the credibility of their own League down the drain.  Funny, that’s one of the ways Lance got away with it so long.

    With spoiled millionaire babies getting away with this behavior in the public eye, does anyone even need to ask why so many in America won’t take responsibility for their actions?

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