BOSTON (AP) — Gov. Deval Patrick is defending a decision to deny requests for detailed phone records of calls Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray made before and after he crashed his state-owned car.

Patrick, speaking Thursday on his monthly radio show on WTKK-FM, said he’s asked Murray lots of questions about the Nov. 2 crash and is convinced Murray has answered them openly.

Patrick said his administration shouldn’t have to produce itemized records of Murray’s cell phone calls.

The administration has released monthly charges on Murray’s phone which don’t show individual calls.

Patrick said it would set a “terrible precedent” to create more detailed records in response to requests from reporters. He said it’s unreasonable to ask Murray to prove a negative.

Police said Murray was speeding and likely fell asleep moments before the crash.

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Comments (10)
  1. ginny2 says:

    By refusing to release the phone records it just makes the questions continue. The story has chnged so many times that it leaves allot of people questioning the whole event and to wonder what is being hidden.

    1. gramps says:

      Would those phone records lead back to ‘Deval’?

    2. gramps says:

      Deval is about to go on the road as Obama’s CO-Campaign-Chair….

      I wonder if these ‘cell phone’ questions will follow him as he’s on the… ‘See America Plan’ for his buddy Barack?

      Or if they became public is there something contained in them that would cause the ‘White House’ to dump him?


      1. gramps says:

        He was @ the White House today & he’ll be in DC till Tuesday….


      2. ginny2 says:

        I wonder if he will be with 2 other co-chairs of Obamas, the Mayor of Los Angeles (Tony ‘Viva La Raza’, as they call him) and actress Eva Longoria. Now that would be an interesting trio to see in action.

  2. chilitokid says:

    So we have a Lt Governor lying through his teeth, State Troopers falsifying documents and fibbing about road conditions, and a Governor who blatantly lies to us as recently as yesterday. You know what Gov I believe you and every other person on the State payroll. Now that’s funny stuff!!!

    1. gramps says:

      Deval’s gonna be busy…..

      Timmy will be in charge.


  3. DeeLay says:

    If the governor refuses to release the phone records to the people who pay for it’s use, then we should stop paying for the service and let Mr. Murray pay for his own cell.

  4. crostitcher says:

    If I was involved in the accident, they would pull my phone records and it would be anounced in the media. It should be the same for an govenment offical, but that is the problem most of them think they are above the laws they make.

  5. fred says:

    They refused to release the black box details saying that it would not reveal anything. Then they did and it told a completely different story. Based on that history most people with a brain feel that the phone records will again tell a different story than what Murray has said. Patrick seems to be channeling Richard Nixon’s reasons for not wanting to release the Watergate tapes. Again their promise of transparency is just an outright lie. Why not release the information if you have nothing to hide?

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