Damon Amendolara and Marc Bertrand discuss ESPN’s coverage of Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow. DA, while admitting that he enjoys some of their programming, says that there are “moments where ESPN becomes a parody of itself…Linsanity is so beyond the realm of reasonable coverage, that it is a joke.” He goes on to complain that there are many other important stories not receiving coverage.

The guys agree that the Lin coverage has been excessive at times, but disagree about the power of ESPN as an outlet. Beetle contends that its influence has diminished slightly, as other sources of sports news are emerging, but DA disagrees, saying that ESPN’s stories appeal to the “lowest common denominator” of sports fan and only work because ESPN is the only major outlet.

Towards the end of the segment, the guys field a couple of calls. One is on Tim Thomas, in which a caller says that Thomas’s comments have made him not want to watch the Bruins – Bertrand responds by saying that fans should be watching because of actions on the ice, not words off of it. DA and Bertrand end the segment with a call from Andrew in Revere on the Red Sox starting pitching depth. What can the Sox do to improve it?



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