BOSTON (AP) — A co-defendant of convicted former Massachusetts House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi is no longer receiving his pension.

The state Retirement Board voted Thursday to end payments to Richard McDonough, and will take a final vote at its next meeting after hearing a presentation by McDonough’s lawyer.

The board found no credible evidence McDonough conducted public work full time while on the payroll of the Merrimack Special Education Collaborative. The state inspector general has said McDonough earned $80,000 a year but didn’t have an office or telephone and there was no evidence he did any work.

Meanwhile, DiMasi’s attorney tells the Boston Herald he’ll try to recover $30,000 in benefits the Retirement Board denied to DiMasi at hearing Monday.

DiMasi was convicted last year of extortion, fraud and conspiracy. McDonough was convicted of fraud and conspiracy.

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Comments (2)
  1. ginny2 says:

    These guys were found guilty of serious criminal acts. When they chose to take that route they gave up any right to pensions as far as I’m concerned.

  2. fred says:

    Has anyone else noticed that after collecting this pension for what, about two years or so, he has already exceeded his contribution amount. Same with DiMasi. I have heard a lot about state workers saying that they contribute to their pensions. But what do they put in – it can’t be too much. Does this mean that most state workers will go beyond what they put in after just a few years? How is this sustainable. Will we have to pay more taxes just to pay for their retirement while many of us will be working well into our 70’s. With this sick and vacation buy back scam how is this going to be paid for? I am all tapped out. Take a look at Greece, that is our future.

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