BOSTON (CBS) – Three major mail-processing centers in Wareham, Waltham and Shrewsbury are all in danger of closing.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports

There are 96 employees in Wareham, 401 in Waltham and 517 in Shrewsbury.

However, U.S. Postal Service spokesperson Dennis Tarmey said Thursday he does not expect a significant number of layoffs. Most of those employees will have to move to other facilities in Boston, Providence and North Reading.

WBZ-TV’s Joe Shortsleeve reports.

In fact, Tarmey said that any postal worker who been on the job for more than six years can not be let go, and Tarmey said he believes that applies to almost all the workers.

These proposed closings are not definite yet, but without an act of Congress, they will happen.

The mail-processing centers in Brockton and North Reading are safe for now.

The troubled Postal Service has seen a 25 percent decline in business since 2006.

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  1. jaygee says:

    You have to laugh at how much Americans are suffering with the economy, loss of jobs and cutbacks in service while we send 16 BILLION DOLLARS every month to Iraq & Afghanistan. The hundreds of billions of dollars wasted in the last 9 years could have been well spent in taking care of our problems rather than trying to save people who are not capable of being saved. Less than one month of what we spend in these two cesspools could bale out the Post Office and allow them to serve the 300 million Americans plus the 12 million who came into this country illegally. Which is more important?

  2. Denise says:

    We as a family had decided that we will buy stamps and write checks – NO ON LINE BANKING – or self check out for us! We’re trying to put people back to work! the only one that saves $$ w/ those so called conveniences is the company – they don’t pass the savings on to us!! They don’t have to pay the employees if you’re willing to give your money to them and check yourself out too! They can send all the call centers to another country because they can close all their real offices if people don’t have to go into them. We send any and all junk mail w/ prepaid envelopes back to the companies that send them out – because they don’t have to pay for the stamp if it doesn’t get used – revenue for the post office. if you compared the Made in the USA items vs the Made it XYZ country – you’ll find the USA items to be less expensive… just takes time to find them! I heard they’re going to try and tax direct deposits somehow! I hope that isn’t true! But w/ Soc Security going to MANDATORY direct deposit (say bye bye to some more jobs) that would be some big bucks for the government! Where does it stop?

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