WBZ-TV’s Dan Roche chatted with Gresh & Zo from Fort Myers on Wednesday, with the big topic being Bobby Valentine’s new culture down in spring training.

The new Red Sox manager has his pitchers performing fielding drills and focusing on fundamentals, a process that may seem tedious to the outside observer. Roche, though, says Valentine’s approach isn’t all that different from a fellow coach in the Boston area.

“I think he’s prepared and he’s ready to go and I think he almost wants to do the [Bill] Belichick thing where he wants to have every situation covered for every guy, so if it comes up later on in the season or in the playoffs, they have a chance to take care of that,” Roche told Gresh and Zo.

Valentine’s commitment to the little things was advanced during the World Series, when he noticed that had a Texas pitcher been able to better execute an at-bat, the Rangers may have won the World Series in Game 6. Valentine recognizes that his team is talented enough to be in such a position, and the difference between winning and losing could come with a focus on the fundamentals.

“He’s here, as he said, to help this team win a world championship. [He’s] not here to see if they can go from 10 games under .500 to 10 games above .500. He’s here to win a championship, so if he feels thatt they’ve got to work on this, that and fundamentals, and everything else, then it’s his right as manager.

“He’s paying attention to the details very early on here just a couple of days into camp.”

Rochie also discussed David Ortiz’s comments about being a baby-sitter and how the players have handled the new atmosphere of spring training.

Listen to Dan Roche with Gresh & Zo below:

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