WOBURN (CBS) – A wanted man spent hours on a Woburn roof Wednesday, trying to avoid police. Officers had an inflatable pillow in the parking lot below just in case he jumped.

Woburn Police shut down the area just after 8a.m., when the suspect dove onto the roof from his fourth floor window as officers showed up with arrest warrants for phoning in several bomb threats.

A seven hour standoff followed. The suspect some residents knew only as “Weird Scott” cursed officers who tried to convince him to surrender.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports

By afternoon, the suspect was on the move, carefully making his way around the roof as the number of spectators grew. A SWAT team arrived and perched on a ladder truck behind the building.

Hungry and cold in his torn pajamas, he finally decided to climb back inside on his own.

Police say they will send him for a psychiatric evaluation.

The incident closed down part of Main Street in Woburn for most of the day. Police won’t release the man’s name or provide any details about the bomb threats he’s accused of making.

  1. 1stackmack says:

    this looked like a lethal weapon clip.put a big air bag so he lands on it,but what if he moves 10 feet to the right or left.the town center was messed up all day for this knucklehead.next time finish the lethal weapon scene,have a fearless cop cuff himself to bozo and jump together.

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