BOSTON (CBS) – Any marathon runners looking for extra “hops” in their step this year?

Sam Adams is brewing up a special Boston Marathon beer.

The brewery is teaming up with the Boston Athletic Association for the first time.

The beer, called the “Boston 26.2 Brew,” will be available at events leading up to the marathon. It will also be served at some pubs and restaurants along the route and around Boston on Marathon Day.

“The unique brew will have a slightly lower alcohol level and lighter body than many of the beers in the Samuel Adams roster, making it appealing to both runners and spectators,” a press release said.

The 26.2-mile-long race will be held on Monday, April 16.

Comments (4)
  1. George Bush says:

    Less alchohol and more hops? Yuck, NO

    I love Sam Adams lager and some of their other beers, but some just have way too much hops and are nearly undrinkable for me.

    1. celticbrewer says:

      Yet many fans will say it doesn’t have enough hops. That’s personal preference for you! Maybe you’d do better with some busch beer

  2. George Bush says:

    No thanks Celtic Brewer, but maybe a bottle of low alchohol hops tastes good to you. I have a bottle of Whitewater IPA from Sam that taste like sucking on a bunch of flowers, that is not good beer in my opinion. I like malty and strong beer not girly flower water.

  3. Guy says:

    There wont be a higher “Hop” content… this “journalist” was simply trying to use a cute little beer / jogging pun with the word hop… you all simply misread the article…. And the cardinal role of craft beer is to NEVER judge a beer until its in your palate…

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