By Paula Ebben, WBZ-TVBy Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) – When it comes to women and sex, new research is throwing conventional wisdom out the window. Many believe that as a woman ages, she becomes less satisfied with her sex life. But new research suggests it’s just the opposite.

A mother whose children are now grown, Susan Courtney says sex was never at the top of her priority list when she was younger. “You’re running around and carpooling,” she said. Now that she’s in her 50’s, Courtney says her attitude toward sex has drastically changed. “I look forward to it more,” she said.

WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben reports

A new study from the University of California followed 800 women over a 40 year period. It looked at all aspects of their sex-lives, from desire to frequency. The majority of women reported that their sexual satisfaction increased as they aged. The findings come as no surprise to Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus. “What irritates me is that we, as a society, think sex only lasts until you are 29. After that, it’s just going to be downhill from there,” she said.

Marcus says there are a lot of stereotypes when it comes to women and sex. For example, many people believe women are rarely in the mood for sex, particularly as they age. Many also assume that some of the physical changes associated with menopause make women dissatisfied with their sex lives. “I think that’s a horrible myth,” Dr. Marcus said.

According to Marcus, there are a number of reasons why mature women actually have better sex. “There are less distractions as your kids get older. There is more emotional stability,” she explained. “There is more time to put into their lives, into feeling good about themselves in a way they didn’t have time to when they were 30,” she added.

Ultimately, Marcus believes most women with more life experience have no problem asking for what they want. “There’s nothing embarrassing about a 65-year-old woman who wants a vibrant sex life,” she said.

Susan Courtney says she’s looking forward to being one of them. “I don’t see myself becoming an aged person who can’t be sexual. I don’t see that,” she said.

Romance also plays a role in a woman’s overall health. Researchers found those who are satisfied with their sex lives tend to age more successfully.

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  1. Sexy Christian Wife says:

    I totally agree with this article, it is true in our marriage.

  2. Kathleen MacArthur, LICAW says:

    Why don’t you have a rebuff of someone who is sexually depleted as a result of menopause, and all the husbands out there that got one message from their spouse but saw your story…That are now looking at at their woen and say what the heck! you are being very irresponsible…not taking in all the sides of all the experiences….all the women that are desperatelY seeking secret ways to get their hands on some testosterone to give them the libido that was robbed of them in the middle of the night! Who wrote your story? A man or a 38 yr old broad?????? I am a psychotherapist and deal with these issues in individual therapy and coupe’s thyerapy….get a clue before you air a story! This is why I watch Channel 5!

    1. Karen Berry says:

      This story clearly states that 800 women were studies over a 40 year period. I took it as the study showed what the result were for the 800 women in the study, not EVERY woman! I think it shows encouraging news for some that romance doesn’t necessarily decrease with age.

      The face that you refered to a 38 year old woman as a ‘broad’ shows a remarkable lack of professionalism. I would never refer anyone to a psychotherapist who would post something like this.

    2. Really??? says:

      Where does a psychotherapist go for therapy? Did you even read the article? its a survey of 40 years on 800 Women for god sakes. Thanks for showing me the light. I too will never refer anyone to a psychotherapist after reading your post. YOU ALL MUST BE THE SAME!!

      1. Rainbow Couch says:

        Don’t worry – we’re not all like that… Some of us therapists do understand that a longtitudonal study of 800 women is more accurate than anecdotal evidence from a client base of a single therapist, that is made up of those who HAVE problems (otherwise they wouldn’t be there). Some of us therapists even see female clients who enjoy sex (they’re in therapy for other reasons). And some of us even enjoy it ourselves :)

  3. gramps says:

    There’s a Kathleen MacArthur, LICAW in Amesbury Ma…..

    Just so ya know..


    1. Fiona says:

      Oh, no, Gramps! That’s WAY to close to where I live! Yikes!

      To Rainbow Coach, I would never assume all therapists are the same. I raised a special need child and would have not been able to handle all the stress without our therapist. This one here just expressed her views. Unfortunately, looking at the time she posted and what she had to say, she may have been drunk!

      1. Rasid says:

        I just got drunk and the news reporter was hella uzzpled, hahahahahaha. Then he said the streets are empty knowing the streets wasn’t, he must’ve been drunk himself, hahahahahahaha. Then he said bars are full, she flew across the street like a bat out of hell, hahahahahahaha.

  4. Oliqz says:

    Hi Brian!We still miss you at KIRO! Speaking of KIRO, their new BORING host in the 9 to noon slot, Alan Prell did not discuss the tsirorret attack until the 11:00 hour. Before then he had to get to his important topics such as pushing Sudafed to be purchased by prescription only. When he wasn’t talking to “Miss Annie” and he giggled like a woman. Yesterday, it was really interesting. He was polling the audience on their favorite flavor of ice cream! REALLLY IMPORTANT!!Alan has really contributed to Rush’s high ratings.Penny and EdEdmonds, WA

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