It’s Friday, and Zo takes the driver’s seat as WBZ-TV’s Dan Roche sits in for Gresh.

They start the show off discussing whether or not the Boston Celtics should make some moves and blow things up before the trade deadline.

“I just don’t think they have a chance in hell right now,” Zolak said. “I think blow the thing up. If you’re rebuilding next year … get it done now, get it out of the way, start the process now.”

Rochie said the Celtics may have enough to win a first-round playoff series, when there are two or three days between games. Beyond that, though, will be a problem.

“When Rondo, Pierce, Allen and KG are on, they can beat anybody. It’s just not happening consistently because of their age,” Roche said. “It’s nothing against them, because they’re all Hall of Fame players, they just don’t have that ability to sustain it on a nightly basis when they need it.”

The Celtics have been inconsistent from the start, so which team are they — the one who beat the Chicago Bulls at home, or the team that lost to the Toronto Raptors on the road?

Listen below.

  1. Alex says:

    I love the big 3 I love KG and ray but looking at how the celtics could be now had we not made that deal I almost would rather sacrifice that 08 title for possible long term success. If we hadn’t made that deal our starting line up would look something like rondo pierce Jeff green al Jefferson and perk with tony Allen leading the bench also factor in you have to figure we would have gotten some higher draft picks without all the immediate success that came with the big three. Even if they didn’t make the move for KG and still did for ray you’re talking a starting line up of rondo ray Pierce Jefferson and perk with glen Davis on the bench with tony Allen I am a die hard celtics fan but I think this shows as Boston fans sometimes we need to be more patient because all this talk about old legs is making me wish we still had big al and perk with Jeff green developing into possible a replacement for pierce.

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