BOSTON (CBS) – A woman who was struck by a tow truck in Boston’s Brighton neighborhood Thursday has died.

Witnesses say the truck was making a left hand turn on Chestnut Hill Ave. when it struck the woman who was said to be in her forties.

She was taken to Beth Israel Hospital with life-threatening injuries where she was later pronounced dead.

No charges have been filed against the driver.

Comments (3)
  1. luckag2003 says:

    This was such a horrible scene yesterday. Sadly, it was only a matter of time for something like this to happen. The Roberts Towing trucks are flying up and down the streets like maniacs, cutting corners, speeding through heavily populated narrow streets where families with children (including mine) live. I hope the woman recovers from her injuries quicly.

  2. Moriarty says:

    This is terribly tragic, but as soon as I heard that it was a Roberts Towing truck….I said the SAME exact thing. Those guys drive sooooo reckless….
    I hate to say I am not surprised this happened…
    I know I too have had a number of close calls with them.

  3. jack says:

    why people think its roberts towing when its not them its the other company brighton towing of brighton stay off us tow truck drivers u people need us when u break down and the people that walk ride there bikes in boston are the reason we run over people

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