There are certain announcers that you can’t help but love, whether it’s their great voice or original catch phrases. Every day this week T&R are going to take a look at guys that sit up in the booth calling games that we love.

First up was a man that has no filter and would have probably been fired long ago if he wasn’t Charles Barkley. That right it’s “The Round Mound of Rebound” and ever since he’s been added to the TNT broadcasts of the NBA they have gotten a lot better.

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No one ever knows what “Sir Charles” will say next whether it’s a bad word or some great conversation while he thinks the microphones are off. The guys took a listen to some great Barkley sound.

Next up is was the voice of Bryant University Bulldogs basketball, yes our own Jon Wallach. We still just think he sits in the stands and does play-by-play into a tape recorder, but he assures us that it’s for real. Enjoy some of his great calls of the game. Count it!


Comments (2)
  1. Mike Gammell says:

    Wrong audio. This is Adolfo answering history questions.

  2. Joe says:

    can we please have a correct te-up.

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