By Christina Hager, WBZ-TVBy Christina Hager

LYNN (CBS) – A Lynn hockey coach is clearing the air over accusations that he was abusive toward kids on his team. “That’s the last thing I think I’ve ever heard myself called, an abuser or child abuser,” said coach Bill Norcross in an exclusive interview with WBZ .

Last week, the Foglietta family told WBZ he shouted at their twin boys and threw things at them. “I was kind of frightened. He scared me,” said player Austin Foglietta. It all started when Austin said he scored his 200th goal, and kept the puck as a souvenir.

“It’s an embarrassing situation. I was more concerned for the other team. There’s an unwritten rule that when you’re winning a game…you don’t celebrate a goal and sort of pile on,” said the coach. He said he talked with the kids afterward about the importance of playing together as a team.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports

The Fogliettas tell a different story. “When I was sitting down, he threw a puck bag at me and I had to duck,” said Austin’s brother William.

At a hearing Monday night, the coach told league officials he never threw a bag of pucks, or anything else at the kids. Outside the office where the hearing was held, a group of parents and children held signs showing support for him.

“Coaches aren’t supposed to cry,” he said. “It’s emotional because it’s a unique league in Lynn and youth hockey is tight knit.”

The Foglietta boys were kicked off the team after their parents complained to league officials and made public accusations against Norcross. The league is expected to decide within the next couple of weeks, whether the boys should be allowed back on the team.

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  1. blackbear1 says:

    I’m with you Coach. As a former hockey coach and School Teacher, I know what you are doing. Good luck!! My best to my home town of Lynn.

  2. Dave_D says:

    Good for coach Bill! Also, good for the Lynn Youth Hockey Board in backing him up. I tend to believe the coach. I also know what a thankless job it can be when you have to deal with parents. Too bad the kids end up paying for the sins of the parents They don’t get to pick their parents.

  3. LYH says:

    Foglietta parents should be ashamed of themselves .. Media loves a Boo Hoo story.. Unfortunatley, Holly has a history of controversy hanging over her. The twins are left to suffer because of Mom’s false , serious accusations. Grow up !!! Billy F, you should be ashamed of yourself for not protecting your kids from your wife’s dillusions and love of controversy !!

  4. JD says:

    The coach’s kid plays forward. The coach’s kid is not the one doing all the scoring. Typical story of an out of control hockey dad coach coaching his kid to the NHL. If the coach’s son scored 200 goals, THERE WOULD BE NO CONSIDERATION FOR ANOTHER TEAM AND THERE WOULD BE LOTS OF CELEBRATION GUARANTEED. Visit any youth hockey game on a weekend and watch the hockey dads on the bench, lining the glass, etc. It’s nuts and the younger the boys are, the crazier the hockey dad coaches are. Coach was not happy obviously that it was someone elses kid scoring all the goals. Of course no one is going to stick up for the poor mother on that team because they don’t want to ruin it for their kids because of course their kids are going to the NHL also. The “Board” will do nothing because the “Board” is a bunch of dad’s trying to get their son’s to the NHL also. These dads have BIG DREAMS!!! Youth sports should get rid of parent coaches all together because they do it to coach their kid and not for anything else. You go MOM!!!! That board meeting is a joke so go to a better hockey league because your kids a good little player. Find a team without a parent coach!!!

    1. gramps says:

      How many miles/HRS will ‘big mouth Holly’ have to travel now in order for her to continue her career as a ‘hockey mum’?

      Who’d take her?….& why?


      She’s ‘clueless & LEAGUE-LESS’!

    2. Hockey Mom says:

      Really???? You know nothing about youth hockey. Are you going to step up to volunteer coach, when you kick all the DADS off the bench, I think not. You must have had a bad experience in the past. NOT all coaches are crazy, most are not. This coach is delaing with crazy parents. Example: My son is on a team that wins every game, and my HUSBAND does not allow celebrating if we are killing the other team no matter who scores the goals. You are one angry uninformed person. Backing this coach there are more crazy parents who think their kids are going to the NHL than crazy coaches. Go to a few games. I go to about six every weekend since all 3 of my kids play hockey.

      1. Hockey Mom says:

        JD….is one angry person. Hopefully you are not involved in youth sports.

      2. gramps says:

        JD = Holly….

    3. rogerrabbit says:

      JD, these two boys are probably middle of the pac players on a town Squirt team. So, guess what I know for a fact that the “200” (which is a lie if your really close to the situation” goal scorer is not even top 3 goal scorers on the team.

      Shows me you know nothing about hockey if you feel these kids are good players and a big thank you to the board for making the correct decision. JD let me ask you one question? Why are these boys going to there “5th” different hockey program in 5 years? Guess what parents not LYH get over it.

  5. JD says:

    I would say a lot of kiddie hockey teams will take a nine year old that scores 200 goals. The only team the coach’s kid can probably play on is the one his daddy coaches. This coach needs to stop getting his ego fix through his son. Someone should tell USA Hockey to get rid of Daddy coaches who think their kids are going to the NHL. I think this woman’s son stole the coach’s kid’s thunder and that is the reason the coach FLIPPED!

    1. Jim says:

      Holly, go away. I’m sure the coach wants to deal with you for a VOLUNTEER job. I coach other sports, and the parents make you want to walk away, but there are too many people out there like you Holly, Ahem JD that like to criticize, but won’t get off your own proverbial arse to help. That’s right, take away the parent coaches, then when there are NO COACHES, no one’s kids will play ANY sports. But your immature attitude is what you want to prevail anyway.. If my kids can’t play, than no one’s should. Take them to a private club, and leave these decent hard-working (Free of charge I add) parents alone.

  6. 200 Goal club says:

    The whole team has 58 goals. Check the valley site. Most of his goal are with his mother in net in the driveway.

  7. JD says:

    How many of the goals were from this nine year old kid in this news article? And if I read correctly, the coach was so psycho about his own kid not being the high scorer, he moved this nine year old back to defense. Because in youth sports, it’s always about the daddy coaches kids and no kid is going to outshine the coach’s kid. It’s sad the coach’s children can’t tough it out on their own. The Dads have to get on the bench, get on the boards, suck up to people. It’s pathetic behavior from grown men who are totally living through their kids. TYPICAL HOCKEY PSYCHO DADDY COACH. GET THE DADDYS OFF THE BENCH USA HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. Oh yeah and I am sure this guy was going to cry. Please. The only time a daddy coach would cry is if he couldn’t get on a kiddie hockey bench and coach his own kid. Sad. Does USA Hockey condone such crazy behavior from their coaches and boards???

    1. gramps says:

      ‘Holly’…..go make some cookies!….They’re ’round’….

      Like ‘hockey pucks’!


    2. gramps says:

      Holly, FYI:

      As a very young lad, Bobby Orr’s coach moved him from a wing to defense….In order for him to utilize his talents?

      Orr’s father ‘Doug’ didn’t agree with the move!….Yet he respected the game & coach!

      Bobby Orr displayed his hockey talents from an early age. Orr played his first organized hockey in 1953 at age five, in the “minor squirt” division, a year after getting his first skates and playing shinny. Although he was tiny and somewhat frail, he soon was able to skate faster than anyone his own age, speed he demonstrated in races around the rink and in games. Until he was ten years old, Orr played on the wing, as a forward. His coach, former NHL player Bucko McDonald moved Orr to defense. Although Orr played defense, McDonald encouraged Orr to use his talents as a stick handler, a natural skater and scorer to make offensive rushes. According to McDonald: “I used to tell Doug the kid was in his natural position when he played defense. You didn’t have to be genius to see that – honest. I don’t think Doug agreed, but he accepted my decision.” Orr would later credit McDonald: “Bucko taught me almost everything I know.”

      The rest is history!

      I’d say Bill Norcross in good company & is a ‘keeper’!


      1. Dave_D says:

        Great story! Did this Bobby Orr guy ever amount to anything? ;-)


    3. Nab71 says:

      Most good coaches in youth sports at this age insist that their players have playing time at every position. Its usually the nutty parents that insist they play a certain position.

      1. Jim says:

        Absolutely.. As a matter of face, I’m involved in a lot of girls sports as I have daughters. In softball, there are requirements that each kid plays X innings in infield, X innings in outfield, and sits out an equal share of innings over the season. In soccer, we move them around up until age 12, from keeper to defense to forward to midfield to find where they are good at, even your talented 200 goal son there Holly, is too young to have his position fixed in stone. Kids grow at different speeds physically, emotionally, and skill wise. Michael Jordan was a bench warmer on his high school team in basketball.

  8. Bill says:

    JD, you obviously know very little about youth hockey because it is almost impossible for a single kid scores 200 goals in a season. It takes a strange, twisted person to know how many “career” goals his/her kid has. JD, if you are such an expert on what’s wrong with USA Hockey, how about you step up and show us Daddy Coaches how it’s done?. Youth sports coaches are generally very dedicated people who spent more time than you can imagine trying to teach the game to kids. Thankfully unappreciative clowns like you are few and far between. Every comment you post further advertises your idiocy. As for Coach Norcross, he sounds like he has his head screwed on right and I will make a point to shake his hand if our paths ever cross in the rink. This mom has hurt her kids’ chances to latch on to anther program, because nobody will want to take a player who has that baggage attached, no matter how many goals he scores.

  9. JD says:

    Youth Hockey Dad coaches coach their kids – PERIOD. There is nothing to be appreciative about that. They are there for themselves, their ego fix, and their kid. They watch these little boys of theirs like they are watching an NHL game and talking to their buddies like it’s college hockey. Go watch some weekend. It’s a psychologists dream to watch these hockey daddy coaches. Oh by the way, there are PLENTY of excellent organizations that will take these twins especially if one of them does score a ton of goals much to his coach’s dismay. In fact, if this kid is that good, a team will take both of them just because one of them is a good little player. Poor daddy coach. It’s not the NHL Daddy coaches!! Again, hopefully USA Hockey gets these daddy coaches off the bench, the boards, etc. Everybody would be better off for it.

    1. gramps says:

      ‘Holly’, why did you ‘slime out’ & abandon your Husband & ‘Boys’ by ‘not’ attend the hearing?

      Sez allot….


  10. 200 goal club says:

    Please, will someone tell me where/how these 200 goals were scored?

  11. JD says:

    Could someone tell me why all the daddy coaches INSIST on coaching their kids and getting on boards?? Boys club. By the way., your kid doesn’t get talent because Daddy coaches or sits on a board. A kid either has it or he doesn’t. This coach just flipped cause his kid doesn’t have it but another kid does. He is clearing living through his kid and probably should not coach anything if he flips from a kid wanting a puck. Chill out dad. It’s youth hockey not the NHL.

  12. blackbear1 says:

    JD you need to just give it up. As some of the other posters have stated, you don’t know what you are talking about and seem to have a personal axe to grind. Try coaching/teaching yourself.

  13. JD says:

    Kids are betting off learning to leave the nest and stand on their own two feet in life. Parents today inist on coaching their own kids, sitting on boards, going into schools, etc. These kids have no hope in the future because their parents can’t let go and let them do things for themselves. MOST Daddy coaches are in it for their kid period and most people inivolved in youth sports know that’s a fact. The love of the game????? No, they are there for the love of their little Johnny that’s all. I would prefer that children learn to stand on their own two feet without a parent coaching or parents should not be allowed to coach their own kid. If you love the game so much, coach a team that doesn’t have your kid on it. :)

    1. gramps says:

      Holly , you must be a ‘REDHEAD’!


  14. JD says:

    Hockey Mom – Your husband coaches his kid according to your rampbling. Enough said. Another dad “coaching his kid” to the NHL. Big dreams. Big dreams. All kids should play for someone other than their parents. Let go and let them stand on their own. Let someone else make a call of what’s fair and what’s not fair besides their own dad. Youth sports would be entirely more enjoyable without parents coaching their kids. Most people involved in youth sports agree.

  15. Bill says:

    JD, I stated a few posts back that each time you say something, you further advertise your idiocy. you clearly have proven me right. If you fire all the parent coaches, there won’t be any coaches left. Period. There aren’t enough volunteer coaches out there, primarily because none of them want to deal with morons like you. I coach my kids and they have the same chance of getting to the NHL as yours-ZERO! My kids (my own and the ones I coach) are learning valuable lessons about how to play the game, how to be part of a team, and how to deal with losing when you try your hardest. You are a complete dunce, and everything you post proves it more than the last one. In the immortal words of Buzz Lightyear-you are a sad strange little man. You have my pity.

  16. JD says:

    Bill. You coach your kids. Enough said. There are plenty of organizations and teams that do not have parent coaches but they are the good organizations. Bill, let your kids go and let them play for someone else. I know it will be hard for you to have someone else in control but you should give it a shot. All kids are better off moving away from the nest and not having their parents control their every move in life. Helicopter parents are everywhere today and it is leaving kids not knowing what to do without their mommy and daddy standing beside them making sure everything is okay. If you want to coach so bad and you love “the game” and “teaching the kids”….. COACH A TEAM WITHOUT YOUR KID ON IT. That way, there will be still be lots of coaches; however, we won’t have the mess of coaches coaching their own kids.

    1. Jim says:

      WHAT A FOOL. I’m sure your family has plenty of time for 3 hockey teams instead of simply 2.. That’s what your husband would have to deal with if he coached a different team you fool. We parent coaches find it hard enough to find that time, let alone enough for another complete team. Just accept your an idiot, your wrong, and if you ask nice Holly, you might get your kids back on a team, and as far as teaching your kids a lesson? Exactly what have you taught yours?

      1. gramps says:

        Given the demeanor Holly demonstrates, she just might have ‘two bullies’ in training!


    2. Mango says:

      Coach a team without your kid on it?? That’s straight up creepy. I completely dissagree with you in all of your comments. You clearly don’t have any understanding of youth sports in general.

    3. Jim says:

      By the Way HOLLY, ahem JD. Those leagues that have non-parent coaches… THEY PAY THE COACHES TO COACH, are called CLUB TEAMS, and that is why they are WAY MORE EXPENSIVE than town youth leagues. Where do you think that money goes? And sure, I admit. there are probably MANY people better at coaching than me, but they aren’t going to do IT FOR FREE FOR A STRANGER’S CHILDREN. BUFFOON. If you can afford more for your kids to play hockey, move them to a club team.

    4. response says:

      I have coached many teams throughout the years, but never a team that my children were not on. There are not ALOT of coaches out there. It is very difficult to get parents to coach.
      Coaching a team has nothing to do with being a helicopter parent or getting the kids ready to leave the nest.
      It also has nothing to do with my ego.
      I do it because someone had to step up and do it.
      You should thank your childrens coaches for everything they do. It’s a job that they do not get paid for.

    5. Bill says:

      Holly/JD, whatever phony name you wish to give: I want to thank you for providing such amusement on this issue. I can just picture the steam coming out of your ears as you furiously pound away at the keyboard to spew your insipid bile. One of the things my father (also one of those eeevil parent coaches) taught me was that when a sane person encounters someone who is particularly obnoxious, we have a moral duty to stick a needle in their eye at every turn. You have provided endless laughter at your expense and I hope you’ll continue to provide us with your “wisdom”. You talk about parent coaches being helicopter parents, yet you know how many goals your kid has scored since birth? Talk about creepy. The hockey and youth sports world is better off without you. Go throw your spolied little tantrums somewhere else. I don’t see anyone in Lynn shedding tears over the fact that you are gone.

  17. Jim says:

    Bill, you know what’s even funnier, both of my daughters that I coach will tell you that I am harder, not easier on them than I am the rest of the team because I over compensate to be sure not to favor them over the other children…

    1. response says:

      Jim, Thanks for taking the time to volunteer as a coach. You are setting a wonderful example for your children.

  18. Uninvolved Observer from Cape Cod says:

    Wow! So hockey organizations from the North Shore have nutty parents, too. Imagine counting your kids’ goals from year to year? I wonder if the BC coach will be impressed about those (pick a number) goals when this kid was a M ite? It’s parents like this JD/Holly that push many dedicated volunteers out of coaching. To those of you trying to get this person to see the light …. it’s not good to engage in a battle of wits with the unarmed

  19. RUFKM1 says:

    Anyone wanting to know the true facts concerning whats going on here should read the entire Little Red Corvette thread at

  20. DS says:

    9 years old and the kid wants to keep a puck for 200 goals? First of all if you’re counting at this age it’s an embarrassment. I would have ripped the puck out of the kids hands. The family should be ashamed of themselves.

  21. USMC 0302 says:

    I played High School Football with Bill, I have not seen him in over 20 years but I remember vividly that as the most talented player on the field hands down, he was also the most humble. I was not in that locker room and i have not seen Bill since 1989 but my gut tells me he is hard wired to err on the side of good sportsmanship. I may be wrong but I find it much more realistic that a couple of kids that feel they deserved praise and not a stern talking to probably rebelled from having their little ego bruised. I hope this works out well, I hope Bill does not shy away from teaching character and humility to his players and I hope those kids and their parents learn those humility.

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