AMHERST (CBS) – UMass police need help finding five more people wanted in the post-Super Bowl riot on campus earlier this month.

They released surveillance photos of them Tuesday.

View: UMass Police Photos

One shows a young woman in a bathrobe, barefoot, wearing a ski cap.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports

Another shows a young man wearing an Aaron Hernandez jersey.

Fourteen people, including 13 UMass students, were arrested during the riot, which involved about 1,500 people February 5.

“We feel like between the 14 who were arrested after the Super Bowl and the additional ones in the crime alert that we’ve gotten the ones who deserve to be charged,” said UMass Deputy Police Chief Patrick Archbald told the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Most are likely to be charged with disorderly conduct and inciting a riot.

Comments (9)
  1. WHAT says:

    I didn’t know you could wear a bathroom . Come on CBS read this stuff before you put it out there

    1. Jay says:

      “wear a bathroom”? Are you still hungover from that night?

      1. WHAT says:

        They fixed it Jay. It said a young woman in a bathroom earlier not bathrobe.You should get up ealier , you would have seen that mistake.

  2. PrivateRocks says:

    Now there’s a winner for ya! Typical ZooMass trash…

  3. jaygee says:

    Rather than wearing the hat, she would have been better off putting a bag over her head. Wonder what she might be majoring in, perhaps idiocy 101? Just think of how much her old man has to put up every year for this mook?

  4. Uncle Sam says:

    The picture says it all …. Here are our future leaders (I mean losers) of America. Her parents must be so proud.

    1. gramps says:

      The woman in the picture looks like ‘Mama Cass’….


  5. George Bush says:

    The sucker punch to the back of the head was dangerous and cowardly, I hope that Nancyboy gets turned in.

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