There are certain announcers that you can’t help but love, whether it’s their great voice or original catch phrases. Every day this week T&R are going to take a look at guys that sit up in the boxes calling games that we love.

First up it’s Ralph Lawler, television and radio voice of the Los Angeles Clippers. We all heard his call of Blake Griffin’s dunk over Kendrick Perkins, but what you might not know is that it included a catch phrase he’s been using for years.

The second announcer is Ray Hudson a soccer commentator on Gol TV and NBC Sports. Hudson is know for just spouting out crazy statement that at times don’t make sense.

In a championship game when Real Madrid scored a game winning goal Hudson let loose this gem about players giving off “teardrops the size of pineapple chunks!” Take a listen as T&R play some of his best moments.


  1. Rex Montana says:

    Steak and Eggs! (Oh.. yeah, Kool Aid!)

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