Acton Family Wants “Under God” Removed From Pledge Of Allegiance

ACTON (CBS) – The Pledge of Allegiance is becoming a sore subject in the Acton-Boxborough school district, all because of the words “under God.”

“Atheists and Humanists do not accept the notion of God,” says attorney David Niose.

An Acton family, who is atheist and chooses to remain anonymous, is suing the school district claiming they are discriminating against their children during the pledge. They want the words “under God” taken out.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports

Niose says, “Everyday these kids go to school and the pledge is recited and declaring that the nation is in fact under God and that marginalizes them.”

But according state law, schools are required to display the American flag and say the Pledge of Allegiance. But saying the pledge is strictly voluntary for students.

“Students have a right to not say it all, the entire pledge,” says Superintendent Stephen Mills. “I would be acting illegally if the kids didn’t say pledge of allegiance.”

Even though students are not required to say the pledge of allegiance the family that’s filing the complaint say their kids are being discriminated against because they are atheist.

“The plaintiffs are all for instilling patriotism,” says Niose. “They just wish to do so in a way that does not discriminate against them and their religious class.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports

Students have mixed feelings about the issue.

“I think they should keep it in because it’s been a part of our country for so long and taking it out is disrespectful,” said one student.

“If the student wants to skip the ‘under God’ line that’s fine,” says another student. “I don’t think it needs to go to court. I don’t think its that big of a deal”

A Superior Court judge is now taking the matter under consideration.

  • Paul

    Tell these people to GET A LIFE!!

    • Michelle

      I am offended that these people want to leave out “Under God”. Have their kids stand outside while the rest of the students pledge the flag of the United States of America….

      • Kubush

        Why does that offend you? Do you think that our national pledge that is supposed to represent all Americans should just reflect your own personal religious beliefs? That’s not very American of you.

      • Rob

        I’m offended you find it acceptable to violate the Constitution as long as it is something with which you agree.

      • ktjsmommy31

        Yes a great idea! Take school, which is already a social disaster for most children and make it better by having them excluded and kicked out into the hall in front of everyone else! It is not their decision, this is one made by their parents. They may grow up and decide atheism is not the route for them.

    • The Pope

      I know can you believe some people worship a myth? They couldn’t even give him a name, just plain “God” like he is some generic store brand God.

      • Mort Caniff

        Ha ha, you said it, Pope. And why is he a male? Weird!

      • Thorn

        “GOD” is too awesome to be categorized with a specific name. Humans simply cannot fathom his greatness.

      • massman

        LOL. yes. he’s more than great. what a fantastic guy. Did he take a nap in the 1940’s while 6 million jews were exterminated?

      • Jed Fred Ted Teddybearsworth

        And I facepalm whenever I see a fellow athest say such things. You want tolrance but spew intolerance towards a religion. I find nothing wrong with saying under God while I say the pledge, with it in my money, or anything. It is just a few scant words that does not label me or who I am. Be a real athiest and stop getting butt hurt over such trivial things as this is not shoving religion down one’s throat or outting the kids cause they refuse to say ‘Under God’

      • ktjsmommy31

        I am an atheist but I believe these people are doing a disservice to their children. I did not grow up atheist, my parents allowed me to go to several different churches and learn about many religions and told me when It came time to make such a decision the decision would be mine. I didn’t even know when I was little that my father was atheist. I too have decided to allow my children to explore religion and make such a decision for themselves.

      • HillClimber

        , I have literally stood before God. Google “Metatron”, known in ancient Hebrew as the Voice of God and is the same entity to whom I speak and have conversations with both on this and on the other side of the great divide. The form of Metatron, should you need to know before you pass back to the spirit world, would be what can only be described as a “big, blue eye into which blue electricity flows.” Odd, perhaps, accurate, yes!

      • billyljackson

        Actually He does have a proper name. It’s Yaveh or as many people pronounce it, Yaweh.

      • June


    • Reality Check

      Screw these people its called tolerance, I hate gay marriage, but I tolerate it. Besides this is not a religious issue its part of our culture and how this country was founded, if you dont like it Acton Family I’ve got a one way ticket to Mexico for you, shoot I’ll even pay for it.

      • Kubush

        This country was founded on the principle of separation of church and state, and then evangelicals hijacked our government in the 1950s and tried to put “God” on to everything such as our national currency and our official pledge. This is a case of correcting a wrong and if you don’t like it maybe it is you who should move to Mexico.

      • alice

        I’ll help with donations to send them to Mexico. Count me in.

      • John Schwendler

        These words were added to the Pledge during the Eisenhower administration in the mid-50’s. They have nothing to do with our country’s founding. That said, there was a time when we voted on what the majority wanted, through the ballot box. This practice of running to the lawyers to sue is shameful and un-American. I am getting real tired real quick of the few being heard and overruling the majority. Put this issue to a vote in the next local election and settled it in a democratic matter. Majority rules.

      • Terri

        Actually “under God” was added in 1954, my mother remembers clearly the pledge without those words from school. The words actually stop the flow of it anyway. Remove “under God” and recite the pledge as it was originally written. No one is trying to say people can’t believe just that forcing others to sit through it day after day is wrong according to our founders.

      • Kara Williams

        GO REALITY CHECK!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jobear

        I agree. Read your history. This country was founded by very religious people. Don’t like it go somewhere else. I don’t see you complaining about the opening prayer at the Grammy’s.

      • Tom

        @ Reality Check – I hate straight marriage, but my wife makes me tolerate it.

      • LusciousDC

        THANK YOU! These stupid people act like they don’t have the right not to say it or tell your kids not to say it. Are they THAT STUPID? But instead they cause a big ruckus over something that has been engrained in the fabric of this country. They’re looking for their 15 mins. I just wonder how many of these non-believers will be calling God’s name when the end comes. JMO!

      • b. meadows

        This country say,s ONE NATION UNDER GOD) if u dont like this then go to another country. Go where you are comfortable .

    • Shayna

      I am an atheist & Humanist minister. We need to pick our battles & this is not one of them. While the history of ‘under god’ stems from the McCarthy era & the fear of Communism, it is what it is today. Unless a school demands the child to say the words ‘under god’, they can be taught to skip those words & say the pledge in its original form. That being said, if tradition is the point, the original version fits that bill.

      • Kubush

        Every single case that comes up in response to a separation of church and state issue, I see at least a handful of atheists that say “We need to pick our battles & this is not one of them.” When is this nonsense going to stop? All battles, big or small, that preserve equality and our rights, are important. Heck, it is “trivial” things such as this that give a pre-text to those religious politicians that want to push their religion onto our government even further.

      • Jobear

        I agree. Thank you for your view. I wish more atheist would see it your way. Again, thank you.

      • TSB8C

        A minister? How is that even possible? By its very definition, atheism is not a religion.

    • B

      I have an idea…. why don’t they just not say the “under god” part but pledge the rest? When did people become so sensitive??? Oh I think I remember, once people were allowed to start suing people for just about anything or suing big corporations for the coffee being too hot. People need to get over themselves. If you aren’t religious, don’t say “under god”. If you don’t want to say the pledge of allegiance, then get the hell out of my country you’re taking up space!

      Get a life, indeed!

      • Kubush

        You don’t own this country so you don’t have a right to order people out. The original pledge did not have god in it; it was put in during the red scare of the 1950s. Our SECULAR government is ideally supposed to represent people of ALL faiths including those that have none. A religious statement such as “under God” has no place in our official pledge.

      • Jon

        amen b.

      • joe


      • Samsons Mom

        Francis Bellamy was a baptist minister and when he wrote the Pledge he did not mention GOD. Hmmmm. How bout we revert it back to the original and intended form of pledging to the flag (nation) and just leave god out of it.

    • Dawn Evans-Gomez

      You don’t want to say it, don’t say it, why should 1% outweight what the other 99% want!

      • Rob

        Because what the 99% want violates the Constitution.

        I doubt it is anywhere near 99% though.

    • Sileste

      I’m with you. Do they honestly think that they are speaking for the entire school? The Pledge of Allegiance is great the way it is.

      • Kubush

        Maybe we should change it to “under Allah”? Surely Muslim-Americans would like it that way! Or maybe “under Krishna”? Or how about “under nobody because God doesn’t exist”? Or maybe we just scratch that whole part and leave it as it was in its original form that did not have “under God” in it.

    • BigGmanrainingboom

      I bet they teach evolution at that school, which would discriminate against the religious kids. End evolution theory in the classroom and I’ll support your no “under God” crusade. Mr. Noise. Family noAction… while we’re at it lets sub divide the entire country’s classrooms into little crusades and minorities and classes and equality motto’s and watch the unity disappear, once and for all. Twitless numbskull.

      • Some Person

        Actually, it’s not discriminating. They’re teaching the BEST SUPPORTED THEORY. Also, notice the word “theory.” Creationism isn’t a theory because it’s never been proven. It’s a HYPOTHESIS. An idea unsupported by evidence. Evolution was a hypothesis at one point, but it’s been as near as makes no difference, proven to be completely correct. Should students be taught that this country was founded 10 million years ago by a flying cat that shoots lasers out of its eyes because someone thinks that? No. Sane schools teach what is actually correct, regardless of how many people are too brainwashed to understand it due to religious dogmas to believe it. 1 + 1 =/= 3, no matter how many people think it does.

        Now, your stupidity aside, I personally believe that we should revert the pledge to its original form. That being, the normal one WITHOUT “under God.” Strictly speaking, the school shouldn’t be allowed to lead the students in such a statement because it clearly is endorsing the Christian God. The first amendment clearly states that the government cannot endorse any religion. Having “under God” in the pledge of allegiance and forcing public schools to say it is breaking the first amendment. That should never be allowed, regardless of how many brainless people think otherwise.

        I find it disgusting how many people here are just insulting the family without anything to back them up. Most of them probably don’t even know what the family is arguing, or what the first amendment actually says. Most people don’t know that there are TWO parts to Freedom of Religion. The prohibition of restriction of free exercise of religion, and the prohibition of state endorsed religion. We aren’t a Christian nation. We’re a secular nation. Furthermore, the founding fathers were NOT very religious. Many of them were deists.

        I really would just like it if people would do their research before spreading the filth which comes from their half-developed brains.

    • CJ

      Why are we catering to a small percentage of people? One family is “offended” and it is news? IF you dont like it or dont believe it DONT SAY IT! I am so tired ot the snall number of people that seem to get the most attention and the rest of us do what they want as not to OFFEND, I am OFFENDED that ONE FAMILY has this much power. Who are they? No one MAKES you say those words! If you dont believe it go to the country that believes the way that you do and leave the rest of us alone to worship how we choose and to say what we want. I dont like alot of things that people say and do but you know what that is what this country is based on, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech,. Just my thoughts

    • Geode

      Francis Bellamy, a Baptist minister and Mason, wrote the Pledge of Allegiance in 1892. He did NOT include the words “Under God”. Those words were added in the 1950s during the Cold War. If a Baptist minister felt no need to use “Under God” in his Pledge why should we? And note where those words were inserted. Original: “One Nation Indivisable” Revision: One Nation, Under God, Indivisable.” In the revised version “Under God” neatly separates “One Nation and Indivisable”.

    • Mac

      Do not blame God for humanities killing, besides we are given that animal instict to kill, we just do it in the name of something we believe in and convince everyone that it was the right thing to do. And about that family, God and this country gave them the right to value their faith the way they want; however, it also gave that right to everyone else. Lastly, as always this country continues on the path of “I the people” and not on “We the people” or “divided we stand” and not on “united we stand”. I wonder why it was not a problem as they were growing up and know it is?

    • JC

      The sad fact of the “anonymous” Acton” family who will not even stand up and identify themselves and verify their beliefs is that this country established a school system to only studty the bible. Obviously that history lesson was not absorbed by “anonymous'”. Their additional failure also to understand that, as the American Communist Party found out, when a person or persons attempt to overthrow the governemnt of the United States of America through subversive acts such as trying to remove “God” from our language, they now prejudice the other (8% of our population nwho do believe in a diety but have not yet stepped forward to eradicate the Atheists and Humanists in this country who have not the foggiest about how the hell we were formed. That very freedom we enjoy based upon the blood spilled by our own to preserve it was not done for a group to stand upon the very same platform fought for and declare “tear down the platform”. It was ourunding father’s desire to remove ourselves from the ungodly dictatorship of Egland who made the monarchs giods and allow a place to worship as we wished witholut fear of persecution. were the atheists in China, for example, and vocalized their beliefs as they have done here, they would be taken out in the street in mass and summarily shot. Education should be a broadening od ones knowledge about life, not a restriction based upon the same factors the “anonymous’ wish to impose upon the rest of the school.

      • Kubush

        This country was founded on secular enlightenment era principles and some of the most influential founders were deists but above all secularists, which is why “God” is not mentioned in the Constitution (you know, that thing that actually laid the foundation of this country). Surely you can understand why this family chose to be anonymous. Just look at the hatred and vile bigotry directed at Jessica Alhquist.

        The “freedom” that people have fought for in and for this country is the freedom to believe as you wish which includes NONBELIEF, so why is it too much to ask for our government (you know, the thing that’s suppose to represent ALL of us) to remain neutral on the subject of religious belief?!?!?!?!

    • Lisa

      I am an atheist and in school I skipped those words, but it still made me a target. Other students noticed and the most militant evangelicals would try to convert me, argue with me, and generally disparage me. I want “Under God” taken out so kids can live their lives! I have no problem with religions, but I do have a problem when it is imposed on me and marginalizes me.

  • massman

    “Atheists and Humanists do not accept the notion of God,” says attorney David Niose.

    Thank you Mr. Niose. Get all religion out of school.

    • Rebecca

      Exactly! Religion has NO place in schools unless they are private schools. It amazes me that the religious right that knows the 2nd Amendment by heart can’t even comprehend the FIRST Amendment.

      • Kubush

        Steve, why do you assume it is a “who”?

      • Connie

        Disagree Rebcca…I think learning religion is very important to understand not just one faith, but them all. Many world events are based on history and the belief or disbelief.

      • Kevin F. Casey

        How about you Atheists go start your own private schools? Then you can teach your kids that Monkey have human babies & other Atheist Mythology

      • massman

        Kevin – Do you have any idea how ignorant you and anyone else is to dispute evolution? Do you not understand that you, I, and everything else we see is made up of matter from stars which have exploded light years away? Or that our galaxy has over 100 billion stars, and our universe has hundreds of billions of galaxies? Our universe is just under 14 billion years old. Earth 4.5 billion years. Life 3 billion years. America, just over 200 years. The amount of time and intelligence put into these human findings by science, is truly amazing. Yet you and your religious minions want to Santorum our country with religious garbage from a 2000 year old book of fables. If you want to be stupid, that’s your choice. Visit your church. Keep religion out of schools. And for everyone claiming to just not say the words “under god”, I have an offer. No. What a ridiculous statement.

      • Steve

        massman, who lit the fuse that set off the big bang?

    • USAttorney

      This country was founded on the belief of God. The first amendment enables the right to practice whatever religion you so choose, even if that is no religion.The 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. No where does it say that religion shall have no place in schools, government offices, workplaces…etc. Lawsuits regarding the seperation of church and state are invalid under the U.S. Constitution, therefore the U.S. Supreme court should find that the words ‘Under God” do not infringe on anyone’s religious freedom. Plain and simple, they are historic, if you don’t want to say them, dont.

      • Kubush

        Wrong. The U.S. government cannot in anyway endorse a particular religious viewpoint whether it be federal, state or local. Jefferson described the intent and purpose of the 1st Amendment which is where we get the phrase “wall of separation of church and state”. So to say that it is invalid under our Constitution is complete ignorant nonsense. Sorry, the “historic” argument does not override the Constitution.

        @AWZ You are mistaken. You do not have a Constitutional right to impose your religious views onto OUR government.

        “If the Atheists and Humanists don’t like what the Pledge of Allegiance says…then write a new one and submit it for consideration!!!!”
        LOL. Um, how about the ORIGINAL pledge that did not have “under God” in it? How is that for a consideration?

        “STOP trying to force YOUR belief on the rest of us by making us conform to your standard of interpretation!”

        Huh? That’s exactly what YOU’RE trying to do with forcing OUR national pledge to include a declaration of a belief in a God. Seriously, take your own advice and stop being a hypocrite!

      • InternetAttorneysAreBad

        Under God was not in the original pledge, the bill amending the pledge was not passed into law until June 14, 1954. When they signed it into law they broke the rule “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” that you just quoted. Not all religions believe in “God”

      • AWZ

        EXACTLY! We all have Constitutional Rights and the right to freely practice ANY religion, albeit within the laws of each State, freely. Just because YOUR child doesn’t believe in God doesn’t mean that everyone else who does has to have their Constitutional Rights denied. Also, it is only a mention, they are NOT praying to God or practicing any religion they are declaring their commitment to their Country in front of everyone even God should there be one.
        Secondly, some of you are wrong…this Country was founded on TOLERANCE not religion! This is one of the few Countries that actually has no direct association with a particular religion as its main Religion. Why is that?! Because we were founded on TOLERANCE and through our Constitutional Rights everyone is allowed to practice whatever religion they want and all are welcome here.
        If the Atheists and Humanists don’t like what the Pledge of Allegiance says…then write a new one and submit it for consideration!!!!
        STOP trying to force YOUR belief on the rest of us by making us conform to your standard of interpretation!

      • Pilot

        They are not historical. They were added by anti-communists in the early 50’s. Just like the “In God we trust” on money.

      • Paul

        I totally agree with “B” and USAttorney. Nobody is forcing their kids to say “under God”. And if they don’t want them saying the pledge let them move to some other country. This is America, we love our flag and respect it and those who serve and protect us that it represents! Stop trying to sue everyone and everything you don’t like or understand. God Bless America!

      • George Bush

        AWZ are you that delusional?
        You say our country was founded on tolerance???


        Native Americans were slaughtered
        Non-Christians were often killed
        Gays were chopped into pieces
        “Witches” were drown or burned
        Blacks were slaved and lynched
        Women would be beaten if they talked back to men or wanted most any sort of rights.
        America was founded on intolerance is more correct.

    • Kevin F. Casey

      Ok we can start with atheism…

      • J Guz

        Hey George Bush, why don’t you know your history before you open your mouth. Have you read the Declaration of Independence? The intolerances of the home country at that time is one of the major reason the revolutionary war broke out. Slavery, and most of the hate type items you just listed were under British rule, not American. After the war, there was still a long battle with “stragglers” that still believed the old way, and there still are, maybe you are one of them. Read the Declaration, maybe it will remind you why people are proud to be an American.

    • audrey elliott

      but they sure as hell spend the money which on it says “IN GOD WE TRUST” Talk about a friggen hippocrit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kubush

        Do they have a choice? “God” on our currency is just as unconstitutional as “god” in our national pledge. To call them hypocrite for using money, is just ‘friggin’ retarded.

      • Tony

        THANK YOU!

      • grinstope

        Actually, I don’t use money. I pay everything with my checkcard.

      • Johnny C

        They should have to give up thier money too. Oh wait….that might hurt THEM somehow. Wheres Al Sharpton when you need a bigmouth dummy

  • Tazman

    I’m an Atheist and I think the family should STFU!!

    • Kubush

      You’re an idiot.

    • al4624

      RIGHT!!! i don’t believe in god either but this is just effing ridiculous….this family is just plain sue happy….no need to take money away from the school system (since they already don’t have enough money as is) and put it in their pockets over something so silly. The kids can just plain old leave that part out if they don’t believe…this family should be ashamed of themselves cause they are pathetic excuses for human beings…

      • AWZ

        Everyone wants their 15 minutes of FAME. They are getting it. What they should be doing is HELPING their fellow “like” (atheist & humanists) less fortunate than them with the money they will spend trying to sue to get this changed! Be famed for doing something positive! I guess when you don’t believe in God only YOU are important in this life (for some)! What a fine example you are setting for others…you should be ashamed of yourselves!

    • Jay

      @ Tazmam, good for you. Go Tazman….you tell them. :)

    • Michael R. Burhans

      I’m an ordained minister and I think they are well within their rights. When they altered the text of the Pledge in 1954 it was done SPECIFICALLY to belittle and marginalize atheists and agnostics. Why should then the religious majority be surprised or offended when it works and those whom were targeted by this object?

      • Mort Caniff

        Thank you, Mr. Burhans. Everyone forgets that the current pledge isn’t the original pledge.

      • Jenny St Peter

        I agree with Mr. Burhans… This has the original Pledge.

      • Bernadine Gillette

        Thank you for saying it first! I was ready to get on the soap box, lol.

      • John Schwendler

        Well within their rights to do what? Avoid putting the issue on the local ballot and letting all voting citizens express their opinion via the vote? Majority rule scares people with their kind of mindset. They’d rather run to the lawyers. I’m really tired of all the intolerance. You want to say the Pledge or not fine. You want to say all the words or not, fine. This requires a lawsuit? How ignorant, and socially rude to their neighbors.

      • Guest

        Well sir,I may no longer believe in a god,but you give me faith that Intelligent life exists on the Internet

      • grinstope

        Funny though that “Under God” wasn’t put into the pledge by vote of the public, so why a public vote to take it out? Take it out as it was put in – arbitrarily.

      • BigGmanrainingboom

        Right, and leave it alone… it is at least something the gov’t did that worked.

    • Maya

      So what?

      This isn’t about taking offense. This is about constitutional principles. Clearly, you have no appreciation for these ideas. So why are you wasting our time with your pointless comment?


    Atheists my Arse! You’ll be on both knees when your on your death bed begging for the almighty one! You live in a free country where generally majority is the rule. I don’t like Obama,nor did I vote for him. Hmmmm, maybe I should sue someone who did, or MAYBE I SHOULD MOVE IF I DONT FING LIKE IT!!!! God help my kids in this One nation under God in this wonderful world that has become this!!!

    • Jay


    • Michael R. Burhans

      We live in a constitutional Republic. where the rule of the majority is constrained by the Constitution in certain cases. One of these cases is when ti comes to the mixing of Church and State. In 1954 the religious majority unjustly altered the text of the Pledge of allegiance in order to offend atheists and agnostics and communists. Well, that violates the Constitution. This family has done nothing more than petition their government via the courts for redress as the Constitution outlines is their right/. Do you hate our Constitution? Only someone who hates our Constitution could object to someone standing by it.

      • FireGuyFrank

        I’d love to know how you are an ordained minister. If you were, you would be pointing out how many of our founding fathers and early leaders — such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln — believed in God. Moreover, they believed that basic Christian ideals made the nation great. No one was going to ESTABLISH an official religion in the US. The words “under God” do NOT establish any form of religion. Had the Pledge been altered to say, “under Jesus Christ”, then you are correct. If it were to say, “under Allah”, then you are right. Both of those forms point to a specific religious doctrine.

        Finally, these people who are suing are, once again, suing the wrong entity. The US Congress passed the law, the President of the United States signed the law; and thus far, the US Supreme Court has not overturned it.

        These people either need to sue in federal court or go away.

      • Maya

        The personal religious beliefs of the Founders are completely irrelevant. Those beliefs were not inserted into the Constitution PRECISELY BECAUSE the law was not meant to be based upon those beliefs. This is not a difficult concept to comprehend.

      • WaterBoy


        They also believed in owning slaves and having extramarital sex.

    • Pilot

      You sure aren’t a Christian thats a fact! And the majority does not rule when it violates other people’s rights. There is a lot more in the Constitution. Read it!

  • Jay

    @ Tazman…good for you! Go Tazman!

    • Crazy Jay

      Crazy Jay, you already said that. Now take your meds and go watch Matlock.

  • Dick Chaney

    God is just a made up entity, the Church needed to control people and get their money by making up a God to scare people, sounds like the Republican party in general, dumb scared people that are easy to control by making up threats.

    When I was a kid I would just say one nation under Me.

  • George Bush

    Having 5 and 6 year old pledge allegiance to a flag is perverted in its own way. I though people were against government indoctrination of children? Very Soviet Empirish thing to make kids that young pledge allegiance.

    • Cimby

      This thought has occured to me when I hear my 4 year old granddaughter repeat the pledge as learned in preschool. I would prefer that Patriotism and Religion be taught at home rather than in schools.

  • Jay

    @ Crazy Jay…that’s right, I am sure your daughters are right beside them . :)

  • Jays Nursing home supervisor

    I don’t have any daughters, so yours will have to find other women to hook up with.

    Is your diaper full again? You sound grouchy.

  • unknown

    This is a joke. Only the elementary schools say the pledge not the high school. A majority of the students believe in God. This isn’t fair to us. The pledge is something you have to leave alone. Even IF were not allowed to say ‘ under God’ I and many others will still say it.

    • Think kids

      Elementary school kids believe in what ever parents tell them to believe in, nearly without exception.

      The bible says to “kill all non believers and their animals” which as quoted refers to all non jews.
      Is our country based on the same principles we attack the radical Muslims for?

      • Hubert

        Hey, Think kids why don’t you spell ‘whatever’ right. That’s a step in the right direction!

      • Thanks Hubert

        Hubert is that all you got? pathetic, it just shows that I am right and you have to nitpick something as minor as that. Whatever is a modern contraction, barely an error at all to use what ever. But hey, if you are losing a discussion go with a minor spelling error, you are a winner!

    • Michael R. Burhans

      Why did Christians not think it was something that should be left alone when they changed the text in 1954 to ADD Under God ti it which it never before contained? The majority is constrained by the Constitution in some areas as to what it can impose on the minority. religious freedom is one of those constraints.

    • Maya

      What a majority of students believe is irrelevant. Interpretation of the Constitution is not subject to popular interpretation. The First Amendment prohibits the government from endorsing religion. End of story.

      The people in Congress who inserted the words “under God” out of misguided hysteria in the 1950’s did not leave the Pledge alone. Why should we?

      • guest

        ‘ What a majority of students believe is irrelevant”
        Excuse me, we have a say!!! WHY would I even bother to consider your point of view when you are incapable to see the other side of the story

      • Kevin F. Casey

        Really is that all it states? Cite please where it states that the government shall only be an Atheist government?

  • Thomas Jefferson

    It’s only two words, and it’s under the guidelines of the constitution. Why is it such a big deal if we get rid of them?

    • Thom shouldknow

      Those two words were only added during the McCarthy era as part of the “red scare” just another way for the government to create fear and control people.

  • Betty

    A family in Acton wants “under God” taken out of the pledge of allegiance in their kids school, (because it is unconstitutional) because they are raising their kids as atheists, but they won’t give their names and are suing under the names John and Jane Doe and have taking the school system to court to the tune of $10,000.00 so far. Seriously..I am starting to think that the constitution only protects the stupid..just sayin’

    • The Pope

      The school did not have to spend 10k of taxpayers money to hold the status quo to make kids pledge allagiance to a generic God did they?

    • PJR

      LOL. So true! This has nothing to do with God. It’s about control — people who want to tell everyone else how to live. Their children can omit the phrase “under God” or not say the pledge at all and no one would notice or care. Their argument is probably that they don’t want their children to feel different — Well, they’re raising their kids to be different! And by making this big fuss they’re only calling attention to their differences.

  • John A

    This kind of crap makes my hair hurt. Don’t we have more important things to concern ourselves with? If they are offended and feel that their little darlings are being compromised by havung to hear the words ‘Under God” thats tough. Get a Life and realize that you a far from main stream with your radical thought process. Perhaps you could focus on the words from Gone with the Wind….Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn………

    • Kubush

      You should ask instead: Congress didn’t have better things to do when they added “under God” to our Pledge? Oh how convenient. Just because those words agree with your beliefs, you don’t give a damn that those words are there, unconstitutional and offend others, who would have thought? Well, you know what, when it is declared unconstitutional and you start whining when it gets removed, you know what I’m going to say to you?…..”Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn…..”

  • Jay d. Weirdo

    Great cohessive argument there Jay, ever go to school yourself? And stop looking at little children sicko.

  • hypocrite Jay

    Jay wants my 3 and 5 year old kids to go “EFF” themselves. Under God Jay? you sound like a sick old man that is going to burn in hell.

  • student

    I actually go to this school, and in the HS and Jr High we pretty much never say the pledge of allegiance. And in the elementary school, when you do say it, you’re allowed to not say it.. I remember i didn’t say it several times, mostly just because I could, and nobody judged me or said anything.

  • Jay

    @ hypocrite Jay….you have a nice life big guy. Wonder how many lawsuits you have under your belt…also wonder how many tours of duty and medals you have. Semper-Fi Mr. America…In GOD WE TRUST. Maybe, just maybe one of my many, well educated offspring nurses, and doctor will be in the nursing home you reside in one day. This is not about God whacko, it is about sue happy idiots. One can tell you are one of the sharpest knives in the drawer by reading your responses. Go tuck your kids in, and I will pray that they turn out not to be “sue happy” career individuals.

    • Drooling Jay

      Jay, you write like a child. I never have sued anybody. Maybe you should sue your defective God for making you so simple minded. I have a masters degree and have no need to be a grunt for failed wars like Vietnam and Iraq, but I did register for the draft. By the way my adopted nephew is a 6-3″ Marine and he admits I can still beat him in a fight, you are just old, weak, feeble minded and impotent. Maybe you are just angry because of that? Good luck with your hillbilly offspring Jethro!

      • Jay

        Drooling, thank you very much. Maybe you should take some life lessons from your nephew…I bet he is a wonderful, young man….you, not so much! Yeehawww…going to ask the nurses for some vittles. Thanks for the good idea. Oh, and as for your “big degree” whoop dee doo, I am so impressed…hold me down. Hope you go places with that thar degree yungen’. Go to bed, it’s past your bedtime. You know what they say…he who assumes is an ASS! nighty, nighty tuff guy!

  • under god

    There is no way they will win.

    • One Nation under Clapton

      Just the 1st ammendment in their corner.

      • just a thought...

        But they are suing on the basis of discrimination. As far as I can tell, everyone is given the same option, therefore no discrimination has occurred. I am not sure this is a 1st amendment issue since their right to say or not say it hasn’t been denied.

  • Wendy Goulet Letourneau

    OK…Everyone has their own beliefs and I respect that. I do not think that this is the place to argue and be vulgar with one another. I think that if a family does not want their child to say the Pledge each day in school that is their choice and the school should honor that….but for the people that do want to have their children recite the Pledege each day they should be given equal respect. It’s really about being Patriotic. These days I believe that people are more against each other rather than pulling together to work through things. It’s just very disappointing to see a family sue a school over something that’s been in place for quite some time. We are ONE NATION…and should continue to act like it.

    • massman

      As an atheist, I find it absolutely insulting to associate a superstition with honoring our country. The words “under god” were not implemented until 1954. Here’s the original, I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
      Just keep religion out of schools. Why is that so difficult for you christians to understand?

      • Wendy Goulet Letourneau

        Yes, I am aware that it wasn’t put in until 1954 and I did read up on this before I posted my comment. As you respond to my post you stated…”you christians” I did not state above whether I was Christian or not. People these days are so focused on bashing each other and what religion if any is right is which is wrong. And I’m not saying that is what you are doing. I’m not trying to start a fight but really my point is that I don’t believe sueing a school system for something that’s been fought against before is the way to try and resolve an issue. I think there are bigger issues out there these days in schools that need more attention.

      • NikW

        Why just not say the words instead.

      • Gerorge Bush

        Why not just say the words???

        Would you say that if the teacher was a Muslim and wanted your kids to say “One Nation Under Allah”?

    • anoynomous

      I agree, reading all of these comments is sad. Everyone needs to learn a thing or two about respect

      • Wendy S.

        @ Wendy – agreed. These morons are suing a school system for a State Law. That’s like suing my broker for an SEC regulation that I don’t like! Or how about we sue Shaw’s or Big Y for the E Coli tainted meat they got from a farm having a recall. It’s just all dumb. At least sue the right people, Jane & John Doe. Oops, I put Jane 1st. It’s proper to put John 1st. Someone wanna sue me?? lol

    • Marylee D. Gilchrist

      Thank you. Civil discourse is important. I agree that it is tiring for the few to dictate to the majority. Maybe these children could block their ears!!

  • Dawn Kaplan

    On November 12, 2010, in a unanimous decision,[33] the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Boston affirmed a ruling by a New Hampshire lower federal court which found that the pledge’s reference to God doesn’t violate students’ rights.[34] A United States Supreme Court appeal of this decision was denied on June 13, 2011.[35][36]

    • Maya

      Not exactly. Read the opinion.

  • Dawn Kaplan

    this makes me so angry we have our service men and women fighting for our country and its freedom , the same freedom that gives these idiots the right to complain if you don’t like the pledge to our flag pack up your useless selves and move to Afghanistan or Iraq or any other middle eastern country and see how that works for you!!!!!!! and by the way if you are so into your belief that this infringes on you then stand up for your belief and stop hiding behind fake names John and Jane Doe !!!!!

    • shotime


    • petem

      you might want to THINK about what you wrote before posting it.
      You said ‘we have our service men and women fighting for our country and its freedom , the same freedom that gives these idiots the right to complain’ and then immediately condemned people for USING the freedoms our soldiers are fighting for. You even go so far as to tell them to leave and go to the places we have been imposing our righteous will on, thinking I suppose that ‘that’ll show ’em!’
      All that show is your gross ignorance and complete misunderstanding of what this country stands for.
      I’m sad for you. You are so deluded by the right wing-nuts that you can’t see how profoundly dumb that stance is.

    • Ron Reagan

      When since possibly WW2 have the servicemen ever fought for our freedom or freedom of speach? And what in the heck does that have to do with making kids say they believe in God?

    • Samsons Mom

      This isnt about protesting pledging to the flag or nation it is about the words under god that were added to the original pledge in the 50’s/

  • Dawn Kaplan

    On March 11, 2010, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upheld the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance in the case of Newdow v. Rio Linda Union School District.[30][31] In a 2–1 decision, the appellate court ruled that the words were of a “ceremonial and patriotic nature” and did not constitute an establishment of religion.[30] Judge Stephen Reinhardt dissented, writing that “the state-directed, teacher-led daily recitation in public schools of the amended ‘under God’ version of the Pledge of Allegiance… violates the Establishment Clause of the Constitution.”[32]

  • tim

    the have the right to remain anonamous, they also have the right to remain silent. $10,000 dollars taken from thier kids education. Do the kids even really give a care? Probably not…

  • DDE

    As an Agnostic, I still believe in our Pledge of Allegiance… Who is to say what, or who’s, God is being referenced it the Pledge? Believe in our country, and ourselves first….then worry about the wording that you are against.

    • Kubush

      How about referencing to no god at all since patriotism has nothing to do with religion!?

  • Brenda

    Come on people with all the things in the world going on with the economy the way it is and crime going higher and higher in most places,. One family wants hope taken away from the people that have hope. Really they are being petty. There are much bigger issues in the world here then “Under god” to worry about. Also why force their beliefs on others. I said it when I went to school and it did not hurt me or any of my friends. People wake up and do not worry about the small things worry about the big picture.

    • Kubush

      You say that the family wants to take away hope and than say it is just a “small thing”. Well, if it’s such a small thing, then why not just remove it from the official pledge? Funny how that reasoning only works one way. How is asking the pledge to be belief neutral forcing their beliefs on to others???

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