By Meteorologist Joe Joyce, WBZ-TV

This February makes the 8th consecutive month with temps above normal.  Including today we have had only 2 days average below normal. Another mild week is expected and the Climate prediction center is predicting the mild trend to continue through the 25th of Feb in their 8-14 day forecast. In other words…same old same old around here.

 The storm which was to far offshore to provide any big snow accumulations Saturday is now rapidly deepening as it pulls away into the Canadian maritimes. What a weird storm that was…more like a spring storm with snow falling but not accumulating on the warm ground. This storm is wrapping in colder air on the back side with gusty NW winds this morning.

 In fact much of the nation has cooled down thanks to a deep trough on the east coast. These winds will sometimes gust over 30 mph today and make for bitter wind chills. This morning wind chills are in the single digits.  They will climb into the teens this afternoon. Sunny skies this morning will give way to partly sunny skies this afternoon. Highs will climb into the mid 20’s, a few upper 20’s at the south coast. A good day to dress warm if outside for any time.

One of the coldest air masses of the season will be in place tonight with clearing skies and diminishing winds. Lows will be falling back into the single digits and teens, but any motion in the air will make it feel much colder. Sub-zero wind chills are likely in the NW hillier terrain.

A weak warm front approaches Monday with winds shifting to the west. After a cold start, temps will end the day in the mid 30’s. The warming trend will continues for the rest of the week with a persistent SW flow with high pressure pulling off the coast. Temps will be able to climb back into the mid 40’s. A weak short wave will try to push through late Tuesday…likley providing a period of clouds/ sprinkle of flurry. Any precipitation will be extremely light and will likely not hold together.

We will have to track another more substantial low which will track into the northeast sometime late Thursday and early Friday. There will be a lack of cold air, but it’s arrival at the coldest part of the day could mean a few inches of snow, especially across the north…mixing with rain south. An early estimate. Dry weather will return for next weekend with more seasonal air. No signs of much Arctic air likely for the rest of the month.


Comments (18)
  1. hopeimwrongjj says:

    well looks like Friday will be another sunny day

  2. man-o-wx says:

    todd said this would possibly be the coldest air of the winter. His hunch was wrong. WBZ has not done well this winter.

    I however aced the winter forecast calling for meteorological winter to be in the top 5 mildest and the 5 least snowiest . So where are my accolades.

    1. Jimmy says:

      Still time for thing’s to change.

    2. smitty says:

      you don’t get any unless you stop loving Al Gore

    3. Scott says:

      I agree Man-o wx……WBZ has mis-informed us of alot of incorrect forecasts.
      They see a storm & they just think its going to hit us. Once they had snow 4 times in 1 week, Never happend. But i do like to watch them. The other stations have been more accurate. Once springs hits, they will all coincide their forecasts & things will be better…

  3. so_close says:

    This is not even close to the coldest weather of the season as they keep claiming. We had a weekend last month that was far colder than this.

    1. Donato says:

      One book about the English, coming up! And a green light for using the pic in your blog. She alluacty asked permission to copy and paste a photo. Who is this girl?? Usually they just do it (although some do give credit to the original source on their blog).

  4. Kyle says:

    Kate I have a question. I was just wondering If I could ask you about a certain bush.

    1. John says:

      I would use caution on this site. Trolls have been on it all weekend.

      1. Kate says:

        John stop butting in. He’s only asking me a question about a bush

  5. David White says:

    Thanks Joe:

    If the Thursday evening outlook verifies, we may strait as snow around here, but change to rain around here, whereas northern and western sections and ski country could get all snow–music to the ears of ski/snow lovers heading north for the Presidents Day weekend/school vacation week. Perfect timing. So I wonder if this storm might be an inside runner, tracking up the Connecticut River Valley? There hasn’t been a decent system doing that track since Tropical Storm Irene, as I think the october storm track was further east, but Boston lucked out by not receiving the wrap around moisture at the end that was predicted.

    1. Achito says:

      Five or six sohocl days to extend sohocl that late? When do your sohocls normally break for the Summer? Ours usually break the last week of May even when the weather has been crummy and a handful of snow days have been tacked to the end of the calendar. The longest I’ve seen a sohocl stay in is around June 6th and that was because the weather was exceptionally horrid I believe that was the ice storm of 1994 when our entire state was closed down for short of a month.Mari Adkins?s last blog post..

  6. David White says:

    Sorry, I meant “start’ in my first sentence above–not “strait.” For technology department, is there anyway the text can be made larger when I type it. It is pretty small!

  7. Reese says:

    Rhianna looked like she took the beating pretty well.

  8. Reese says:

    The Beach Boys look like they are one blue pill away from having the big one.

  9. smittygirl says:

    i love you reese , a lot
    u r funny and i bet really cute too

  10. Shiv says:

    hahaha..i thought i am the only one .u also mr kiaurhl????i gave away 2 books from my twilight collection because of different covers (due to different publishers too) and not the same height i just bought the box set and i donated a few of my roald dahl collection because i bought the whole box set if i may .i would like to have the royalty .i am quite mad and love to dig on british royalty. i have a few bio; andrew morton’s diana, paul barrel’s diana and utterly enjoy to read their life ..

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