BOSTON (CBS) – Whitney Houston’s sudden death Saturday night sent shock waves across the music world, and even up here in Boston.

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Houston, who reigned as pop music’s queen from the mid 80’s to the late 90’s, is remembered by many Bostonians as one of the greatest singers of all time. She was only 48.

“She was a great artist, and it’s so sad to hear she passed away. This is very sad,” said one man.

“I am really, really sad. I loved Whitney Houston,” said a woman.

“That’s bad, that’s a hit to the music industry, you know. She was an amazing singer,” said another man.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports:

Houston’s ex-husband Bobby Brown, who is from Roxbury, performed with his band, New Edition, in Mississippi Saturday night. TMZ reported that Brown pointed to the sky and said “I Love You” at the beginning of the show in tribute to Houston.

New Edition released a statement soon after Houston’s death:

“We are absolutely shocked and saddened by the sudden and untimely death of our dear sister Whitney. As a group, we are extremely close; when one of us hurts, we all hurt,” the statement read. “As much as we are in pain right now, we will continue to draw strength from God, as we support and comfort our brother Bobby, their daughter Bobbi-Christina and Whitney’s mother Cissy Houston. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the entire Brown-Houston family today and always.”

At Mix 104.1 on Saturday night, DJ Alicia Love played all Whitney songs on the radio.

“Oh, it’s tragic. She was one of the most influential artists of our time. She won six Grammy awards, 30 Billboard music awards, 22 American music awards. She was the first female to debut at No. 1. It’s just incredibly sad,” said Love.

Houston made her album debut in 1985 with “Whitney Houston,” which sold millions. She went on to sell more than 200 million albums worldwide during her career.

“I can remember dancing in my basement to Whitney Houston,” said Love.

Her success carried her beyond music to the silver screen, where she starred in hits like ‘Waiting to Exhale’ and ‘The Bodyguard,’ where she performed her most memorable hit and stunning rendition of Dolly Parton’s ‘I Will Always Love You.'”

“‘I Will Always Love You.’ That’s what I think of when I think of Whitney Houston,” said one woman.

Houston also wowed the world with her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at the 1991 Super Bowl.

Bostonians all agreed that Houston truly had it all: the talent, the voice and the looks. She was truly a legend who will be greatly missed.

Local group New Kids On The Block shared similar sentiments on Twitter.

What was your favorite Whitney Houston song? What’s your lasting memory of her? Comment below!

Comments (5)
  1. Tom Brady says:

    Is anybody really “shocked”? She was a mess and abused hard drugs her whole life.
    She choses Coke over being a mother, what a selfish women, I am not sad.

  2. macmum says:

    I’m sad for her daughter. The only worse than watching her mother slowerly kill herself over the years, was to watch her succeed. My thoughts & prayers go ou tto Bobbi Christina and Cissy Houston. It’s a sad day for them.

  3. Buddy says:

    I have to agree with Tom above. I am not saddened by her death rather by her actions. I am not shocked by her death yet am by her drug abuse. Can you believe that all that money is gone as well. So so sad. I know the cause of death, In a word.


  4. Tom Brady says:

    Looks like the legal drugs killed her, big pharmacy is a bit our of control in this country. Although no doubt the illegal drugs also helped ruin her health.

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