Police Scanner Phone App Can’t Keep Dorchester Man Out Of Trouble

BOSTON (CBS) – An arrest Friday night by Boston police seems to prove that even technology can’t always keep you out of trouble.

Plain clothes officers pulled over 22-year-old Dexter Winnie for failing to use his turn signal.

They searched Winnie and his car after noting the smell of marijuana. The search turned up marijuana, a knife, and brass knuckles.

Winnie was arrested on weapons and drug charges. He also received a traffic citation.

During the traffic stop, officers reported that they could hear a Boston Police Operations broadcast coming from inside the car.

It turns out that police transmission was coming from an application on the suspect’s cell phone.

Officers seized that cell phone.

  • George Bush

    Why did they take his cell phone? Pulled over for not using a blinker? No wonder people hate cops.

  • George Bush

    Let me guess, Winnie is black?

    Cops would never pull over a white guy for not using a blinker. Cops NEVER use blinkers just watch them,

  • Edward Ellis

    The Stupid. Can’t stand the Stupid…….

  • reno

    Violation of the 4th Amendment.
    SJC: Burnt Marijuana Odor Not Enough To Suspect Criminal Activity http://boston.cbslocal.com/2011/04/20/sjc-burnt-marijuana-odor-not-enough-to-suspect-criminal-activity/

  • Ha ha

    Ha ha

  • Scanner Man

    Mobile use of scanners is not illegal in Mass. They had no right to seize his phone….

  • A

    My God people

    George Bush, At night, can you tell if the vehicle in front of you is occupied by a black or a white person ? Get some sandpaper and sand down that chip on your shoulder

    Reno, Did this suspect consent to a search of his vehicle ? The story mentioned nothing about that so unless you have insider knowledge that they cops search his vehicle without a warrant or consent, you should probably re-take the Constitutional Law class again

    Scanner Man, Correct – scanners are not illegal in MA, but once detained and arrested, your entire inventory is seized. Should he have been granted his cellphone in the cell ?

    George said “no wonder people hate the cops” well, – if this is how people understand the cops way of doing things, no wonder.

  • B

    A, Amen borther!

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