BOSTON (CBS) – An arrest Friday night by Boston police seems to prove that even technology can’t always keep you out of trouble.

Plain clothes officers pulled over 22-year-old Dexter Winnie for failing to use his turn signal.

They searched Winnie and his car after noting the smell of marijuana. The search turned up marijuana, a knife, and brass knuckles.

Winnie was arrested on weapons and drug charges. He also received a traffic citation.

During the traffic stop, officers reported that they could hear a Boston Police Operations broadcast coming from inside the car.

It turns out that police transmission was coming from an application on the suspect’s cell phone.

Officers seized that cell phone.

Comments (8)
  1. George Bush says:

    Why did they take his cell phone? Pulled over for not using a blinker? No wonder people hate cops.

  2. George Bush says:

    Let me guess, Winnie is black?

    Cops would never pull over a white guy for not using a blinker. Cops NEVER use blinkers just watch them,

  3. Edward Ellis says:

    The Stupid. Can’t stand the Stupid…….

  4. reno says:

    Violation of the 4th Amendment.
    SJC: Burnt Marijuana Odor Not Enough To Suspect Criminal Activity

  5. Scanner Man says:

    Mobile use of scanners is not illegal in Mass. They had no right to seize his phone….

  6. A says:

    My God people

    George Bush, At night, can you tell if the vehicle in front of you is occupied by a black or a white person ? Get some sandpaper and sand down that chip on your shoulder

    Reno, Did this suspect consent to a search of his vehicle ? The story mentioned nothing about that so unless you have insider knowledge that they cops search his vehicle without a warrant or consent, you should probably re-take the Constitutional Law class again

    Scanner Man, Correct – scanners are not illegal in MA, but once detained and arrested, your entire inventory is seized. Should he have been granted his cellphone in the cell ?

    George said “no wonder people hate the cops” well, – if this is how people understand the cops way of doing things, no wonder.

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