By Terry Eliasen, Meteorologist, WBZ-TV Exec. Weather Producer

BOSTON (CBS) – Snow just wont come easy this winter…Granted this storm was not your typical February snow storm; it was actually several pieces of energy that all are coming together to form a storm just as it is passing by the offshore waters of New England. Most weather models showed this happening just in time for us to catch the northern fringe of this development, a very tight fit and yet another close call. As the pieces approached the East Coast last night, it started to become apparent that this was not all going to come together in time for a lot of snow in southern New England. Instead, the heaviest snow bands would be just offshore over the open waters.

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So, with the most intense snow bands just to our east, snow totals will be less than were forecast yesterday…

The best chance for a decent snow accumulation and something plowable will still be in southeastern Massachusetts, where 1-3″ of snow is now expected. This includes Cape Cod and the South Shore where rain changed over to snow around 8 a.m. A steady, moderate band of snow is likely to affect this area late this morning through early this afternoon. In Boston and areas farther north and west there will just be light snow and flurries, leaving a coating to an inch at most.

All the snow tapers off later this afternoon, so you can get out and do any cleanup before dinner – most of us will just need a broom to brush off the cars. Temperature will plummet this evening and overnight as a surge of Arctic air moves in. This will cause some icy spots where roads haven’t been treated, so please be aware of this if you are traveling tonight.

No more snow in the forecast for the next several days, as we approach mid-February and start to wonder if this winter will go down in the record books as one of our least snowy ever…

Comments (23)
  1. Ron says:

    Just one more example of wishcasting or just plain incompetence by the local weather community. Keep up the good work.

    1. Ryan says:

      The better technology gets the worse forecasting gets. I don’t understand it.

  2. wjhat a joke says:

    Hey WBZ, how do you like this open forum? This blog comment section is horrible. Nice job on the storm too.

  3. man-o-wx says:

    why do meteorologists insist on calling snowfalls “storms”. This was never a storm nor did it have that potential. This so called storm was one the more egregious errors in the forecasting business. A classic example of being led to an empty trough. Reminds me of a Feb 2010 non event locally.

  4. Kathy says:

    Christopher Tingus…

    Who will win the presidential election this year?

  5. Craig says:

    I hate to say I was right but I was saying since the touted Bailyman was predicting a major noreaster since ten or so days ago that he would TOTALY BE WRONG!!!

    You people can’t even predict 2 days out forget a week or the best one is how they all said this winter was gonna be another DOOZY!!!

  6. man-o-wx says:

    or was it feb 2009. whatever we dont get normal winters anymore. A long range snow predictor is alleged to have stated that increasing Arctic sea ice melt will enhance snowfalls in the Northeast. No explanation given other than more moisture to the atmosphere. Does not seem credible as more moisture is warming influence unless it leads to more clouds which reflect more sun. a stalemate it seems. No cause was stated for the increasing melt.

  7. Snowmann says:

    I think what we have is a bunch of very sad snowlovers out there who were let down AGAIN believing the WISHCASTERS on t.v. might just possibly be right for a change!
    Folks stop falling for there games! They are programmed to do this too you!

  8. man-o-wx says:

    Unfortunately the meteorogists did not learn their lesson from few Febs back when that storm fizzled. The thermal gradient was weak as was this one. No phasing bel;ow our latitude. Perhaps ghs are inhibiting. Mets should rely more on intuition and intellect like Don Kent did. The modesl are sometimes usless. They mets need to change their approach to forecasting

    1. Blizzard says:

      Never gonna happen when your told to go on screen and hype it up!!

    2. George says:

      You need to join all your friends at your favorite web site.

    3. dan says:

      don kent….the man that told us we were going toGET FLURRYS in 1978… WE GOT THE BLIZZARD OF ALL BLIZZARDS

  9. Tom says:

    I’m just disgusted with our METS!

  10. Jim Haines says:

    Hey, knock it off! Weather forecasting is a hard enough job and the Mets can only go by what the computer models say. As a snow hater, I am thrilled that the forecast was wrong, but I’m not going to blast the Mets for getting it wrong. You try to make a weather forecast based on what your computer models tell you and see if you can do a better job! After last year, Mother Nature owed us an easy winter, the only draw back to this is it just may be a cooler then normal summer. I for one hope not!

  11. Paula says:

    Hey Bob…
    Do you know Terry??
    How do you know he is not a she??

  12. Bewarned says:

    Very simple…

    If you want more of the same with so many people out of a job vot back in O’BOZO!

    Vote in Romney even if you don’t like the guy.
    At least he’s not a socialist!

  13. David White says:

    Thanks Terry:

    In making a forecast shouldn’t there be a balance between computer models info and historical analogs and trends? Historically March can sometimes trend colder and snowier than December, January, and February, and this cooler than normal trend can extend well into spring. If it has averaged warmer than normal since last summer–is or seven months, isn’t it high time for Mother Nature to put her balancing act into place with a six months cooler than normal temp average? This would mean good dampness during the growing season, but I sympathize with those who prefer the triple H weather, which might be in short supply during late spring and summer. A persistently negative NAO and its accompanying Greenland Block would do the trick with Mother Nature’s balancing act towards cooler conditions.

    1. Snow armageddon says:

      David White…

      I really hope your right!
      Barry Burbank has told me many times that although we can get into a long term persistant pattern it will always rebalance itself.
      Last year we got all that snow in a six week span! Then it just came to a grinding halt!
      It seems that although we have had 7 months in a row of above normal temps, it has really been sveral years with a few months thrown in of below normal temps that this phenomenom has been playing out.
      This is a scary trend but it;s probably just a cycle were in.
      The earth is 4 billion years old.
      I do believe you will be correct and we will shift into a much cooler (below normal) pattern.
      I have talked to NOAA and they expect this sometime around the midlle of March.
      This could lead to some late season snowstorms
      Time will tell!

  14. scott says:

    i agree with Craig’s comment. BM has been saying snow since Jan 1st! He has been wrong all the time & i do not know where he gets his weather data………And BM says another storm this week…….WHERE???? Nothing around! Winter’s fading & fast!

    1. WhatSnow says:

      Bravo Scott!!

      There forecasting has not gotten better with all the new available tools they have, it’s WORST!!
      BM gets alot of his bull from Accuweather, the Tout Kings!

  15. Craig says:

    Hi everyone!
    I’m a snowlover and even I have come to the conclusion that it’s a done deal this year, were NOT gonna get a major snowstorm!
    Everything that could possibly keep the cold and snow away is working against us.
    I will go out on a limb and guarantee that next winter the snow and cold will be back!
    What’s happened this year is unprecedented.
    Thats not wishcasting!

  16. gary says:

    Barry Burbank told everyone this morning that “the roads will be slippery tonite”,
    after he just finished saying that he expected “a slight coating on grassy areas”.
    People get freaked out, stay in, this hurts many, many businesses that are open Saturday nights. Funny thig though, it helps the TV station, as everyone stays home and watches THEIR TV STATION! This is self-serving irrresponsible reporting and it needs to stop!

  17. 1stackmack says:

    what a difference.this year is compared to last year.last year l was stuck in a loader moving snow for about 80 hrs a week.this year i think l worked a total of 50 for the whole winter.

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